Zak Bagans To Produce New U.K Paranormal Series!

Zak Bagans is one of the most dedicated, professional paranormal investigators in the world. Bagans has worked hard to get a solid reputation, and his hard work is paying off. Not only does Zak and the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew continue to travel the world in search of paranormal demons and evidence of their existence, Bagans is expanding his career even further with special documentaries, his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, and now a new UK series he will be producing.

Dread Central recently announced the news of Zak’s new UK series titled Help! My House is Haunted. The series, which will be created in the United Kingdom, will feature 12 episodes. Zak’s new series will be using a phenomenal team of paranormal investigators Bagans has found, and they are Chris Fleming, Sandy Landar, and Barri Ghai.

The team will be investigating the residence of families who believe their homes are haunted. The investigators will perform historical research on the property and use specialized equipment, as the Ghost Adventures crew does, to assess the house for forms of paranormal activity. If they find spirits residing at the residence, they will either assist the homeowners to rid their property of the entities or teach them to co-exist with their paranormal visitors.

Zak commented on the new project and said, “My UK fan base is incredibly awesome, and I am excited to create this new series for them. We are working with the best team I could construct that will aid those families overseas who are being affected by severe levels of hauntings.” One thing is certain, with Zak involved the show will be entertaining and as factual as possible. Help! My House is Haunted is set to air on the Really channel in early 2018.

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