Woman Gets Possessed At Festival In Thailand – Video!

PHUKET: A video of what has been described as a foreign woman being possessed by a goddess related to the Phuket Vegetarian Festival at a Chinese shrine in Phuket Town on Saturday night (Oct 28) has been circulating on social media.

Ms Suthicha Suthakon, who recorded the one minute 19 second long clip and posted it on her personal ‘Nanny Zaa Pk’ Facebook page, explained, “I saw her [the foreign woman] at the Put Jor Chinese shrine on Ranong Rd, this shrine is not far from Jui Tui Shrine.

“At 11pm the woman was shaking her head as other believers gathered ahead of the ceremony where the Phuket Vegetarian gods are sent back to heaven at the close of the festival,” Ms Suthicha told reporters.

“I know that this happens when someone gets possessed by the gods,” she said.

“It is really rare to see a foreigner be chosen by the gods. The woman could not communicate with others.

“A mah song from the shrine said that he believed the woman had been possessed by ‘the third Goddess of seven’ in Chinese belief,” she added.

Some comments made on the post said it would be impressive if other foreigners could get possessed as this woman had, and that perhaps the woman will be seen speaking Chinese at next year’s festival.

There is no mention made of who the woman was or where she came from.

Source: https://www.thephuketnews.com/claims-of-foreign-woman-being-possessed-by-phuket-veg-fest-goddess-circulate-on-social-media-64492.php#HX0HEq8olZEjoMKt.99

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