What On Earth Is The Lagarfljots Worm?

The Lagarfljots Worm:

Not so long ago this video was shot by the farmer Hjartar Kjerúlf, claiming that it is footage of the worm.

So far it has been seen by about five million people all around the world.

Perhaps this is genuine video of the beast or it might be mere debris tangled in a net and frozen to resemble some mythical creature. Be that as it may it has certainly sparked interest in the worm and people have been wondering:

Recently, a film crew from America was sighted in Fljotsdal searching for the beast. Approximately twenty people were part of this group from NBC working on a show called “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files“. They specialize in searching out the truth behind internet videos depicting mysterious and paranormal happenings.

Most likely they were drawn by the video above.

A former FBI Special Agent and host of the show Ben Hansen describes the trip on twitter:

“Another day of firsts. I just ate a reindeer and last night I saw the Northern Lights! INCREDIBLE!”

Whether or not the worm is real or not it continues to spark much interest and talk among people all over the world!

Source: http://www.themysterybox.org/the-lagarfljots-worm-video/#more-547

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