Vampires & Their Secrets!

Filmmakers explain how history, literature, legend and movies combined to create the idea of vampire, a mythological being of the immortal who lives by drinking the blood of people. The the late nineties Bram Stoker book “Dracula” is mentioned as a significant influence in the rise in popularity of the persona of the night creature. The infamous Count Dracula needs a human servant to take care of his coffin as well as safeguard him from being exposed to daytime. He departs his Transylvanian citadel to take a trip to Central london, its packed populace a perfect feeding environment. However this documentary continues to go further back, unveiling the ancient folkloric beginnings of blood-craving beings from over and above the grave.

Watch exactly how the vampire belief is deeply rooted on the Eastern European folklore, but just how they have also portrayed a notable position in the age-old cultures of China and Greece. From well-known wood stakes to garlic necklaces to historical burial customs, Vampire Secrets examines how this age-old mythology has been viewed by various cultures across the world.
Learn how the vampire myth is strongly rooted in Eastern European lore, but how it has also played a prominent role in the ancient cultures of Greece and China.


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