How To Use A Pendulum To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides!

No one has physically proven what is the source of the communication or guidance received when working with a pendulum. Some say the source is your Higher Self, some say it is the Spirit World and some say it is Guiding Angels or Spirit Guides. For me, based on my unique experiences and perceptions, I think the source is my Spirit Guides. In this article, we will refer to the source as the Spirit Guides.

A pendulum is a simple tool and is one of the easiest methods of obtaining guidance from the Spirit Guides and is astoundingly accurate. A pendulum is simply a length of string or chain with a weight on one end. Really, just about any weight will work! Some say the pendulum acts as an antenna that amplifies signals or energy vibrations emanating from a Spirit Guide or the Divine Energies you may have called upon. These vibrations focus their attention on the pendulum and cause it to move in specific directions, giving you answers and guidance to the questions you put to the tool. I believe crystals and certain metals, amplify the energy vibrations involved. I have used a paper clip and crochet thread with success, and I’ve had better results when I used pendulums made from natural materials such as crystals, and forms of metal such as copper, brass, silver and gold.

Here’s How To Use A Pendulum

Step 1:  Prepare a ritual space. You are doing spiritual work, get grounded and centered. Be open and ready to receive.

Step 2:  Open your session with a brief prayer for protection, guidance and calling in your spirit guide or guidance. State what you’re doing, what you want to accomplish and what information you’re seeking.  My brief prayer is as follows:

I draw a circle of Divine love and protection around me. I direct that nothing can enter this circle that is not for my highest and best good. I call upon the Great Spirits, my Spirit Guides (say their name if you know it), and the positive forces around me this day/night to help me find the answers I seek at this time.

• Pick up your pendulum and pendulum board or chart and say:

Protect and use these tools to guide me in my search for spiritual growth, awareness and clarity. In return I give my thanks and gratitude, my love and light. So Be It.

Step 3: Program your pendulum – You will need to set directions. This is a way of making an agreement with your pendulum for which movements mean what. This is called programming the pendulum. The agreement is really between you and the Spirit Guides that will provide movement to the pendulum.

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