Two Objects Filmed Swimming In Loch Ness!

A new photograph taken by a man in Scotland opens up the intriguing possibility that two Loch Ness monsters are at large.

Ian Campbell, 56, was on a bicycle ride with his son and a family friend when he spotted two big ‘creatures’ apparently swimming across the Loch together.

The council regulatory officer, who says he is not a man ‘given to flights of fancy’, is convinced that the two ‘monsters’ he saw and photographed were both about 30ft in length.

In one of the pictures, taken from about 400m away, it appears that whatever it was in the water was propelling itself along using its two flippers, one at each side of its body.

If what Mr Campbell pictured was a type of hitherto undiscovered creature, then it could mean that the Loch Ness monster, known as Nessie, has been breeding or on the day he saw it, swimming around with an offspring or mate.

He said: ‘At the time we saw it we had stopped for a rest and to admire the view. It seemed to appear suddenly from nowhere.

‘I said to my son: ‘What is that in the water?’ He said to me that it looked like a big animal.

‘I said ‘I think you’re right’ and grabbed my camera phone to take a picture.

‘We watched for around 30 seconds before it disappeared from view and by that time Karen had caught up and she saw it for around five seconds.

‘We talked about it afterwards obviously and we just had no idea what it could be. I would estimate they were ten metres in length and I took the picture from around 400 metres away.

‘I was saying to my son that we had just seen the Loch Ness monster and he was saying ‘Yes, right.’

There have been hundreds of sightings of the elusive Nessie over the years.

Last month holidaymaker Calley Tulleth, 28, claimed she saw the monster while having lunch on the balcony of her holiday home overlooking the water.

She said her eyes ‘popped out’ of her head and she grabbed her camera to capture a few snaps.

One of the most famous Loch Ness Monster photos was taken by DR Kenneth Wilson and published in the Daily Mail in 1934. Fiftynine years later a man named Christian Spurling claimed on his deathbed to have faked the photo using a model made from plastic and wood.

But the debate surrounding the existence of Nessie continues.


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