The String Game/Recipe/Ritual!

As with all of these games/recipes/rituals play them at your own risk!

From the original poster (furgi):

I bring you what I like to call The String Game, since it doesn’t really have an official name. The String Game consists of a relatively simple ritual, used to summon a certain spirit. This ritual, or “game”, whatever you prefer calling will supposedly form a bond between you and your 4 friends that will last forever if done correctly. If not, the consequences will be dire.

I live in Portugal, and this is not exactly a well-known ritual. I tried to look around the web for any page describing the ritual or giving instructions on how to do it, but didn’t find any, so the only way to obtain information is through people who already know of it, or have attempted it, and that includes me.

Personally, I’ve only tried this two times. The first time, I didn’t get a response, and the second time, I made a critical mistake during the game. Keep in mind that this doesn’t always work. Don’t give up if you don’t get any results the first time, but trying to perform the ritual more than 5 times is not recommended. With that said, let’s get right into it! (This is a fairly lengthy post, by the way, but you have to do everything as exactly as I tell you here for it to work.)


* Performing this ritual in a lighthearted or skeptical mood may possibly be dangerous, as the spirit may not take this kindly. If you are skeptic about this whole deal but still choose to do it, try to keep it hidden.
* While you should not perform this ritual if you’re skeptical about it, you should definitely not perform it if you are scared of it, or going through a rough patch in your life that leaves you psychologically vulnerable. The spirit will take advantage of this.
* Performing this ritual while intoxicated or under the effect of other drugs will most likely lead to a very terrible experience due to a number of factors. You may perform some crucial steps incorrectly, or you may anger the spirit.
* While this ritual has to be performed with friends, they are not allowed to say a single word, as it will enrage the spirit. However, they can write down things that they want you to say. It’s fine as long as they don’t speak.
* If you have pets, ask a friend or a trusted pet sitter to keep them overnight, as chances are they might mess everything up, and you don’t want that.
* Keep the scissors and cleansing material on your person AT ALL TIMES.
* The game HAS to be performed in the house of whoever is hosting (the participant with the string around their finger).
* Do exactly as the instructions say.


* 4 people willing to “play” with you;
* A room;
* 4 pieces of paper;
* Any sharp object used to draw blood;
* Any type writing implement;
* Any container with water (may be a bucket, a bathtub, or even a hole);
* A relatively long piece of string (longer than 1 meter if possible);
* A small bell;
* An offering: this offering can either be an object with sentimental value, monetary value (don’t offer actual currency though), alcohol (enough to make yourself drunk) or food (enough for one meal);
* A candle;
* Scissors;
* Salt, pine needles & sage, holy water, pepper, etc. Anything used to ward off spirits, in general.


* The game can be started as soon as the sun sets and you can no longer see it in the sky, and it immediately ends as soon as the sun begins to rise. In case it goes wrong, you can usually wait it out until morning. However keep in mind that if you simply wait it out and don’t abort it correctly, consequences will eventually ensue.
* Turn off all the bright lights in your house. Dim lights are perfectly fine, as long as they aren’t inside of the room where the summoning is taking place. The summoning room has to be absolutely dark (aside from the light of the candle).
* Cover up every mirror and painting, and unplug every single electronic in your house to avoid seeing or hearing something nasty. Make sure there isn’t any loose object, and if there is, store it somewhere.
* Lock EVERY SINGLE DOOR in the house, except for the door of the summoning room. Keep the keys on your person. This part is crucial.
* Fill up your preferred container with water. Any amount of water is OK, as long as the surface of the water is at least 5 inches or so above the bottom of the container. Put this container in the summoning room.
* Each one of the participants (except for the host) has to write their name on the piece of paper and put a couple droplets of their own blood on the paper and let it soak in.
* Tie the bell to one end of the string, and then tie the other end around your index finger.
* Pour some droplets of your own blood inside of the water container, and then put the offering inside of it too.
* Put the bell tied to the string inside of the bloody water.
* Once you are sure that you are ready, light the candle, go outside of the room and lock the door. This candle will serve as a beacon to the spirit. After this, the game can officially begin.

Starting the game:

* You will have to wait until the spirit decides to reveal itself. When this happens, you will feel a slight pull on the string. To bring forth the spirit, pull the string until it is out of the water. The bell will signal when it hits the ground. This step can take as little as just a few minutes, or as long as several hours. It might not even happen at all, if the spirit decides to not show up.
* As soon as the string is out of the water, wait for roughly 10 seconds. After this, introduce yourself, and each of your friends. If nothing happens, the game is on.

During the game:

* Each of your friends has to take a turn and slide their paper underneath the door. Wait for 10 minutes between each turn.
* For every paper that you slide under the door, something will happen. It might be the mirrors, it might be an electronic device. Do not actively look for anything that has changed in your house. If you hear a noise, do not try to find the source. Just don’t panic, and keep in mind your friends are not allowed to make a single noise.
* After every paper is inside of the summoning room, you can finally end the game.

Finishing the game:

* Wait for at least 10 minutes after the last paper is inside the summoning room.
* After waiting, tell the spirit it was an honor to be in its presence, and tell it to leave your house, as it is no longer allowed in.
* After telling the spirit to leave, cut the string with the scissors. You may now go sleep if you wish, but keep the every single door in your house locked until morning. No one can leave the house, and no one can enter. No door can be opened.
* Once the sun rises, you may open the door to the summoning room. If the ritual was done correctly, the water in the container should be crystal clear, and the offering should be gone. Keep the other doors locked.
* You may open the door leading outside, and then proceed to drain the water, and dispose of the string by burning it. Bury the bell somewhere away from your house, and put salt and freshly burnt sage in the hole. Perform a cleansing ritual in your house.
* After this, you may open the doors in your house one by one. Carefully listen before opening, and if you don’t hear anything, you can open it. Repeat this step until they are all unlocked. If you hear something, keep it locked. Repeat this every day.

What can go wrong:

* If you attempt the ritual more than 5 times and it doesn’t work those 5 times, immediately cease your efforts. If the spirit doesn’t want to show up, then it won’t show up. Any further attempts might make it angry.
* Do not, under any circumstance, open the door or peep through the keyhole during the ritual. If you do, no amount of knowledge I have can save you.
* If instead of feeling a light pull on the string, you feel something tugging on it and violently pulling you, immediately cut the string, make a line of salt around the door and perform a cleansing ritual. Refer to “Finishing the game” section of this guide.
* If you tip over the water container, immediately cut the string, make a line of salt around the door and perform a cleansing ritual. Soak up any water that escapes from underneath the door and burn whatever tool you used to do so. If you can’t burn it, bury it far away from your home in a hole. Put salt and freshly burnt sage in the hole. Refer to “Finishing the game” section of this guide.
* If you hear a noise after introducing your friends, or feel something pulling on the string, immediately cut the string, make a line of salt around the door and perform a cleansing ritual. Refer to “Finishing the game” section of this guide.
* Unlocking the doors before morning is a terrible mistake.


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