The Most Bizarre Soviet UFO Reports!

A country with a particularly exciting number of UFO sightings is Russia, and the territories encompassed by the former Soviet Union. Even in the old communist days there was a suprising wealth of interest in the subject, though the official party line always continued to be dismissive on the matter.

The fact is that in 1968, as Professor L.A Artsimovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was publicly branding the UFO phenomenon as “unscientific”, and a fantasy with “no scientific basis”, there existed a determined and long term commitment on the part of the KGB, towards unraveling the enigma. This investigation, a serious long term endeavour was naturally cloaked in secrecy, and the findings can only be guessed at.

In Moscow in 1958 a “flying saucer” seen on the ground suddenly spiralled up to the sky, and in the same year a radar alert led to planes being scrambled, but the targets proved impossible to find. Several sightings over the Kremlin itself have been claimed by police on guard, describing strange objects that have hovered over the famous Sparski Tower. In 1978 a bright yellow ball was seen over the bell tower of the cathedral in the Kremlin. Apparently it entered through an open door before vanishing with a loud crackling sound!

One of the most amazing Soviet encounters occurred in the summer of 1961. This was reported by the Italian science writer Alberto Fenoglio, who claimed that a massive UFO purposely stalked a secret Russian missile site! According to Fenoglio a vast “mother ship” together with a formation of smaller craft suddenly appeared overhead at a sensitive moment during the construction of a new rocket emplacement. This comprised part of Moscow’s defence network and the worrying appearance of the UFO’s caused considerable alarm. The order was given to open fire on the UFO’s, but the missiles all exploded well short of their target! Successive salvoes proved equally ineffective, and even these were brought to an abrupt halt as the entire base was crippled by an electrical blackout, that rendered the missile systems completely inoperative.

Hill 611.

An event described as the “Russian Roswell”, occurred in the extreme east of the country in the Vladivostock area in 1986. This involved a “flying sphere”, that was seen to crash into a mountain known as hill 611, close to the village of Dalnegorsk. Like the Roswell incident of four decades earlier strange debris found at the crash site invited intense speculation! In his book “UFO’s: Fact or Fiction writer Nigel Blundell comments: “The object disintegrated upon impact but investigators from the Academy of Sciences did find some debris, including a strange mesh material and a previously unknown aluminium alloy. Was it a rogue space probe as some have suggested, or something more sinister?”

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