The Hong Kong She Devil!

The Hong Kong She-Devil
A chance meeting with a mysterious woman opens the door to supernatural activity. By Stephen Wagner

A rainy day in Hong Kong. A chance meeting with a mysterious woman with a strange allure. It’s an uncommon scenario, for certain, but not improbable. As “Mike” tells the story, however, there was something unnaturally dark about this woman that his friend Rob met that day – an encounter that led to a series of unexplained and frightening events. This is Mike’s story:
This is a story about my friend Rob, and the thing he met while traveling. It looked like a living, breathing woman, yet all the events that befell him after meeting it in Hong Kong lead me to believe that whatever it was wasn’t human at all.

It was raining that day, and Rob needed to catch a taxi from his business meeting back to his hotel. He managed to flag one down and was stepping in when a woman stepped into the same cab from the other side. The woman was gorgeous, and her rain-soaked clothing revealed a sexy silhouette. Rob agreed to split the cab ride with her, and off they went.

Rob recalled to me how he almost felt hypnotized by the woman’s green eyes as they rode in the cab making chit-chat. By the time they got to her stop, Rob was feeling confident and asked for the woman’s phone number. She smiled and and agreed to give it to him. Despite having just left a meeting, Rob, to his dismay, realized that while he had a pen, he had no paper. The woman said this was not a problem, and proceeded to write her phone number on the palm of his hand. Then she gave him an innocent smile, said, “Call me soon,” and walked away in the rain.

Rob was determined to call her, and resolved to do so once he got back to his hotel room. When he asked the cab driver to go on, the man just stared. When Rob asked what was wrong, the driver said, “You’re not getting out here?”

“No, this was her stop, not mine,” Rob replied.


“The woman that just got out.”

“What woman?” the driver asked.

Rob thought the driver was either playing a game with him or was somehow trying to be respectful of his privacy. “Never mind,” he said. “Just take me to my hotel.”

“What woman?” the driver asked again. “Were you talking to someone on your phone?”

“Just drive,” Rob said, and looked at the phone number written on his palm. Then he held up his palm to the driver’s rearview mirror and said. “The woman that wrote this number. Didn’t you see her?”

The driver explained that he had only seen Rob get into his cab and no one else.

At that point, Rob said he was shocked and unnerved, because the driver seemed completely truthful and somewhat puzzled by Rob’s insistence that there had been someone else riding in the cab. Hadn’t he heard her chatting with Rob in the back seat? Rob was so disturbed that he decided not to call the mysterious woman after all, but instead chose to just wash the number from his palm and forget anything happened.

The difficulty was, the number would not come off…

The number would not wash off Rob’s hand when he took a shower that evening. Nor would it wash off the next day, or the day after that. I’ve seen the number myself now, nearly a month after Rob got back from Hong Kong. The numbers are still as fresh and dark as if they had been tattooed into the skin.
Since he met this woman, Rob says he’s been seeing some weird things, and once I actually saw something, too. He’s complained to me of feeling as though he is being watched, and frequently has dreams of glowing green eyes staring at him from the darkness beyond his bedroom door.

Once, while staying at Rob’s, I saw something that looked like a small white dog or a fox lurking in the hallway leading from his living room to his bathroom and bedroom. The white fox’s eyes reflected a dim green light. (It’s worth remembering that the woman in Hong Kong had haunting green eyes.) At first – strangely – I thought nothing of it, until I recalled that Rob’s apartment does not allow pets, and Rob himself would have mentioned it to me if he’d gotten a pet anyway. I chose not to investigate that evening, nor have I told Rob what I saw. I don’t think it would do any good.

I’m concerned for him, and I wonder if calling the number marked on his palm might give us some clues as to what’s going on. Rob has mentioned that he doesn’t want to hear what the voice on the other end of the line might have to say to him, and I don’t blame him, but I’m out of ideas.

In fact, I consulted a Ouija board, trying to contact the spirit of the thing that marked him in Hong Kong. In response, all I received was a string of digits, matching the ones Rob has on his hand. The string of numbers repeated itself twice, then the planchette spelled out the following message to me:


My friend is depressed and nervous now. He doesn’t sleep well anymore because of the dreams. He needs help, and I only wish I could be of more asistance to him.

Trouble is, I can’t get ahold of him now, and it’s been a week. No one I know has seen him, and he doesn’t answer his phone. And I wonder… did he call the number?


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