The Ghost Of George Reeves!

When the Ben Affleck movie Hollywoodland was released, it led to a resumed interest in television actor George Reeves, the first actor to play Superman on the small screen. Even those who are intrigued by the case might be surprised to learn that this man’s ghost still haunts his former home.
Reeves spent some time in the military and eventually went to work as a boxer, though neither career had much of an influence on him. He moved to Hollywood, hoping to jump start a new career. He picked up a number of small movie roles, but his acting career was struggling quite a bit. That was when he got the call about Superman.

George’s career was so off track that when he went in for the audition, he naturally assumed they wanted him for the role of Jimmy Olsen. He wasn’t used to being the lead actor, nor did he ever expect to have that offered to him. After reading for the part, the studio decided that he was perfect to play the dual roles of Clark Kent and Superman. Reeves though wasn’t quite as sure.

Reeves gratefully took the part, but he was never that happy. As the series progressed, it was even harder for him to hide his feelings. Other actors remembered him constantly joking around and making Superman do lewd things behind the scenes. He also disliked how often he had to play the role of Superman off screen, especially when children were present.

The one thing the actor did love was how recognizable he became to the ladies. Reeves dated a number of different women throughout the years and even married one. After that relationship came to an end, he jumped right back into the dating pool. Legend says that some of his relationships were even with married women and their husbands weren’t very happy with him.

What most people don’t realize is that prior to his death Reeves had a number of things going on in his life. He planned to get married, had a few job offers coming in, and was hoping to start boxing again. At the same time though he was getting strange phone calls from an unknown person and even a few death threats.

None of that seemed to matter though when Reeves was found dead. On June 16 he had dinner with a friend and had a group of friends over for the night. One of his friends and another man stopped by and though he wasn’t happy, Reeves let them in and then went to bed. A few minutes later one of the people heard the sound of a gun shot and ran upstairs to find Reeves dead.

A friend of Reeves later disputed this claim. He said that Reeves loved to play Russian Roulette when showing off with friends and filled his gun with blanks. Somehow the bullets were switched with real ones that night and while playing the game, he accidentally shot himself in the head. Rumors swept through Hollywood that one of his old girlfriends had a husband who arranged for Reeves to die. The finger was pointed squarely at Toni and Eddie Mannix.

Toni was a young woman who dated Reeves off and on for a number of years. The only reason their relationship finally ended was because Reeves planned to marry another woman. There were rumors that her husband did the dirty work and other rumors that Toni asked her husband to do it. In the long run though the death of TV’s Superman was ruled a suicide. That didn’t mean that everyone believed it though. Friends of the actor, his mother and a private investigator she hired all refused to believe it was suicide.

Today there are some that believe the house where Reeves died is haunted by his restless spirit. People who have lived inside the house claim that they’ve heard a gunshot in the middle of the night, at the exact same time when Reeves died. There are also stories of lights flickering in the house and people who claim that they’ve actually seen Reeves himself.

The room where Reeves died is rumored to be the most haunted place in the house. Those who have used the room as a bedroom claim that they often came home to find the room disturbed with things missing, tossed on the floor or simply moved. The house has changed hands a number of times over the years, with many people claiming they saw the ghost of George Reeves. Oddly enough they always claim to see him in his Superman suit. If he hated the role as much as people claimed he did, why would he choose to spend eternity in it.


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