Strange & Bizarre Claims Of Alien Sex!

AS excuses for playing away go, it’s right up there.
Labour politician Simon Parkes, above, revealed yesterday how he’s cheating on his missus – with an alien lover dubbed the Cat Queen.
But he reckons it’s ok as it isn’t on a ‘human level.’ Hmm.
The 53-year-old – who sits on Whitby Town Council – even says he’s fathered a love-child called Zarka with his out-of-this-world bit on the side.
He told a Channel 4 documentary: “My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly. That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don’t see it as wrong.”
He joins a short but fascinating group of people who claim to have had sex with aliens, some with and some without their permission.
Here, we tell their strange stories…
‘I have out of this world orgasms thanks to aliens’

TV confession … Stephany
PSYCHIC Stephany Cohen wowed the nation with a confession on TV’s This Morning that she beds aliens called Greys.
She confessed to presenter Holly Willoughby: “I call them Team Spirit, and we have a UFO, a flying saucer, we go off to planets within our own solar system but also to way out in the solar system.
“It happens in my mind as it happens when my physical body is asleep. My spirit will then leave.”
When pressed by Holly that she might just be dreaming, Stephany explained: “A dream is a friendly way of letting you know what you’ve been doing without scaring you.
“That’s what dreams really are. People would actually be afraid if they were face-to-face with an alien.”

‘Three years of mind-blowing reptilian romps’
JAZZ singer Pamela Stonebrooke says she shared steamy duets with a reptile lover over a 36 month period.
She said: ““My first sexual encounter with an alien was unlike any love-making I’ve experienced before.
“”It was so intense and enjoyable and, without wanting to get too graphic, he was so much larger than most men.”
Thrilled Pam told The Sun how she awoke to find her 6ft alien making love to her looking like a Greek god.
““At first I assumed it was an exceptionally lucid dream,” she said. “But the sex was very intense and as I closed my eyes I was overwhelmed by how comfortable I felt with this unknown being.
““The next time I opened my eyes he had transformed into a reptilian entity with scaly, snake-like skin. It was then I realised I was making love to a shape-shifting alien.”
‘It was the best sex I ever had’

Sessions … claims alien morphed from Greek god
HOUSEWIFE Jane Murphy claimed she blacked out after aliens appeared at her bedside, only to wake up aboard a UFO with a humanoid chap standing over her.
She recalls in the book Without Consent by Carl Nagaitis and Philip Mantle: “I looked into his big black eyes and knew what was going to happen.
“It was like a dream. As he drew near to me I noticed his smell. It wasn’t a human smell at all. It was the best sex I ever had.”
She returned home and later found a puncture mark on her neck, which she believes was from the needle they injected into her before whisking her away.

Quizzed … guy took test like this
‘Lie detector test proved I did sleep with E.T’
AUSSIE Peter Khoury claims he was sat at home after his wife went to work when two exotic women entered his bedroom.
He reckons they tried to get frisky with him so he bit one of the women’s nipples OFF before having sex with the other.
They later vanished, leaving behind what he says is a super-rare strand of DNA which he believes could be from outer space.
His story was told in a TV documentary called “My Mum talks to Aliens” who challenged him to a Jeremy Kyle-style lie detector test…which he passed with flying colours.
‘I was taken for sex after old banger broke down’

Abducted … UFO struck after motor stopped

MUM Gabriella Versacci was reported to have been abducted for sex after her car broke down.
It’s claimed a robot-like creature suddenly appeared out of nowhere to sweep her away to a spaceship where they made love.
Researchers reportedly found she was an upstanding member of her community with no reason to lie about the incident.

‘An alien made me pregnant’
MANCHESTER mum Lynda was said to have been in a field when her daughter spotted a UFO coming towards them, asking: “Mummy, the moon is coming toward us…”
That’s the last thing she’s said to remember.
It wasn’t until weeks later that she experienced strange goings on with her menstrual cycle which doctors are said to have blamed on an ectopic pregnancy.
But in the book Without Consent, she explained: “I had never had an ectopic pregnancy. And I would have known if I had because they can be fatal.”


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