Six-Year-Old Asks President Obama About Aliens

During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, President Obama was asked by a six-year-old if aliens are real and offered a nuanced answer that raised eyebrows in UFO research circles.

The plucky youngster, named Macey Hensley, told the President that she had come to believe in the existence of ETs after watching a program about aliens on television.

In response, Obama thoughtfully replied, “the truth is, Macey, we haven’t actually made direct contact with aliens yet,” promising to let the young girl know when such a fantastic event occurs.

As can be expected, UFO enthusiasts carefully parsed the President’s words and focused on one key aspect of his answer: “direct contact.”

Some have suggested that this is a tacit admission that the United States has made indirect contact with ETs, although what that might exactly mean remains up for debate.

One other facet of Obama’s response which bears noting is his body language when the subject of aliens came up in conversation.

The President appears to roll his eyes when Macy first mentioned aliens, suggesting that this may be a question he gets asked far more frequently than one might expect.

Or it could be interpreted that he finds the subject either so silly or, conversely, exopolitically potent that he isn’t exactly thrilled to delve into the topic on national television.

Perhaps the most troubling question coming out of the President’s appearance might be why the only ‘media members’ to quiz the president on UFOs and aliens have been a late night comedian and a six-year-old girl.


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