The Shuffle Game – Recipe/Ritual!

From the original poster:

So awhile back my mom taught me this thing and I decided to share it with all of you. I asked her where she learned this from and she couldn’t remember.

You basically use something that plays music to ask questions and the songs are your answers. You can play with more than one person (the first way is recommend if you play with more than one person). Sorry if this isn’t great I’ve never written anything like this before.

Things you’ll need: Something that plays music (ipod, phone, laptop, whatever) and has at the very least 50 songs (100 or more works the best) and has shuffle.

There are two ways to play this so this is the way I play: Put your music device on shuffle and ask a question. Ask a couple of simple questions like “How do I feel right now.” or something of the likes, if you are happy, you should get a happy song.

Try to ask questions you know the answers too and then ask more complex questions (Note: I am not sure if you have to do this but it was the way I was taught to use divination tools, so I thought it would apply here).

I strongly recommend writing down the question and the songs, especially since they might be good to know later.
The second way is how my Mom taught me how to do it: Since this one involes spririts, so perhaps cast a circle or have something to protect you from bad ghosts or spirits.

Put the music device on shuffle and ask a deceased person (See Important.) to play you a song. Ghost willing, it should play something relating to them (Their favourite song or something like that) if doesn’t work than, try again.

If it fails again then stop and say goodbye and close the device.

If does work than ask the deceased person some questions (See Important). When you are done, thank the ghost for their time, say goodbye and close the device. Remember to take any advice a ghost has to offer with a grain of salt.


Read this before playing this game:

~Do not ever ask about when you or anyone else will die, regardless of whether or not you are playing with a ghost. Seriously just don’t do it.

~Always remember not to take any of this too seriously, You never really know who you are really playing with.

~Always play with a ghost of a person (A close friend or family member) you trust, Playing with random ghost is not a good idea. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

~Use common sense.

~Trust your gut.

~Don’t be too upset if doesn’t work on the first try.

~Don’t get upset if the answers aren’t what you wanted.

~Take every answer you get with a grain of salt, spirit or not.

~Don’t play for long amounts of time, Absolutely no more than hour. Less than half an hour is recommended

~Don’t ask the same question over again, If something is unclear you may ask to clarify but don’t repeatedly ask the same questions.

~If a answer doesn’t make sense, than maybe it will make sense as time passes and you learn more or maybe you just aren’t ready to know.

Remember If you ask questions, you’ll get answers.


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