Satan’s Hollow!

BLUE ASH, Ohio – You won’t find it on a map and can’t see it from the road, but beyond the woods and overgrowth in a quiet Blue Ash community some say, exists a portal to hell,nicknamed Satan’s Hollow.

According to Urban Legend the old storm sewer was once used by Satanists as a location for rituals, including sacrificing animals and some claim humans.

Although police have repeatedly and emphatically denied any known murders or sacrificial activities at the location.

However two Chicago based filmmakers and ghost hunters claim they found evidence of something sinister happening in the old storm sewer.

David Scott and John Stephens produce several web shows for their company IPRAstrong and are determined to document proof of the afterlife.

After hearing the rumors about Satan’s Hollow and a spirit called “The Shadowman” they felt compelled to investigate.

“People hear screams at night,” said David Scott, “It’s super creepy.”

Seemingly satanic graffiti guided them through the tunnel with the numbers 666 spray-painted in multiple areas among other things as they looked for an area known as “the altar.”

Afterward both men were convinced that something supernatural was happening inside the tunnel.

“We had a spirit claiming to be the legendary Shadowman,” said David, “When asked who is the Shadowman we got a really, really scary response…it said Satan.”

Skeptics call the rumors farfetched and think the biggest threat to people inside the tunnel would be safety concerns from wildlife and/or storm debris.

Despite local blogger Rick Fenbers, with the website “” says, the storm sewer has continued to grow in popularity among ghost hunters and teenagers, but he says exploring the area is not recommended.

Satan’s Hollow sits on private property and police could arrest you.

“The owner has made it very clear no one is welcome there,” said Fenbers.,

An exorcist also questions the property’s folklore.

Adam Blai has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and is a former skeptic turned expert demonologist and advisor for the Roman Catholic Church, performing and training priests in exorcism.

“It’s not about opening portals there’s no such thing,” said Adam.

Based on his experience, he says Satanists generally perform ceremonies and rituals within the privacy of a home, building or temple that they own.

However Adam thinks exploring the tunnel could be dangerous for other reasons, especially if a person is holding equipment attempting to speak with spirits.

“You’re implicitly telling the spirit I give you permission to enter part of my body,” said Adam, “That’s where we see a problem.”

But both the filmmakers and bloggers recommend people review the information available and decide for themselves.



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