‘Satanic’ Goat Spirit Drives Woman To Sell Home!

A woman claims she has been forced to sell her home in the English village of St Osyth after being haunted by a satanic goat.

Vanessa Mitchell says that her cottage – known as The Cage – has a disturbing past, the Daily Star reports.

The former medieval prison played host to a number of women accused of witchcraft during England’s persecution in the 16th century.

On her website, Mitchell says she has witnessed a number of ghost-like figures at the property since she first moved in over a decade ago.

However, the appearance of a ghostly goat has proven the final straw and Mitchell is not kidding around about selling up.

CCTV cameras at the property recently recorded what Mitchell describes as “the spitting image of a satanic devil”.

“I always knew there was something really bad there… Not just ghosts but something dark and unnatural… I could feel it,” she posted on Facebook.

Mitchell also says she was pushed over and smacked on the behind while alone at the property.

“On another occasion I was pushed when I was standing in the top hallway, other times I would be sitting there and witness objects whizz across the room,” she wrote online.

Mitchell and the cottage have been featured in the media before. Speaking on ITV’s This Morning in 2012, Mitchell said she bought the property because she loved it and its history.

The idea it could also be home to some ghastly guests was actually part of the appeal: “I thought it would be haunted… I didn’t think it was as bad as it was.”

“Things would fly across the room,” Mitchell said. “I saw three ghosts… two men and a woman.”

According to the Sun, her ghostly housemates led her to move out of The Cage in 2012. However, being stuck with a mortgage on the two-bed cottage and “in a desperate bid to make ends meet”, she opened it to ghost tours.

A Sun reporter stayed in the house shortly after Mitchell moved out and reported hearing scratching behind the wall.

Mitchell and The Cage also featured in a short documentary, North London Paranormal Investigations, in which she says she saw a man standing on the top of the stairs.

Source: https://www.rt.com/uk/330801-satanic-goat-ghost-haunted/

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