Reality TV Star Shares Strange Sasquatch Encounter!

Jackie Christie has seen a Sasquatch and lived to tell the story. In a special bonus clip from Basketball Wives, the eccentric reality star recounts to Keonna about the time she met the real life Bigfoot in a very Celebrity Ghost Story-kinda way.

Jackie says:
I’ve seen Sasquatch before. I live in the Pacific Northwest, we’re coming down off of I5. We in the car, me and my best friend Tameka with my mom and we’re coming from the mall. All of a sudden, you just see this big giant shadow come up in front of the car. It’s hairy and it looks right into the front window. I’m in the front seat and I look right into the Sasquatch’s eyes. It was the most amazing, scariest feelings in the whole wide world. Cars were slamming on their brakes all around us. It didn’t say anything, it just looked and for a moment, I know it knew me and I knew it. And I said, from this day forth, I will never question your existence. Just let us go. We spoke, like mentally. By the time we got to the phone booth and called 911, they said that was the 20th phone call they had gotten in the last five minutes. Everyone was calling about this Sasquatch. No one believes me but the people on the freeway that day and my mom and my friend. I know what I saw and he’s there and he exists.


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