Puerto Rican Ritual – Latum Alterum (How To Summon Spirits)!

As with all of these recipes/rituals, play at your own risk!

From the original poster:

I didn’t really know where else to post this in, so I chose this sub-reddit. I heard you can post rituals here and experiences so I guess I found the right place to share with you all tonight my experience, and ritual I had completed this weekend.

It’s called Latum alterum

Now, I discovered this ritual through my one friend. Just for his own privacy lets call him Robert. Robert was big into paranormal shit such as, Charlie Charlie, Oujia Board, Bloody Mary, etc. So when I heard from him that in a couple weeks in June that he was going to leave for a stay in a haunted building for a couple nights with some other people I wasn’t really surprised.

When he came back he was telling me about the experiences that happened there. Strange orbs, sounds at night, banging and tapping on the wall…. Then he told me about Latum alterum.

One night they were barely getting anything from the spirits so they wanted to try some rituals they heard of.

First they tried the hooded man ritual, then the Midnight game, and Charlottes Web and a couple more. Finally they ran out of games to play until a couple there all the way from Puerto Rico decided to inform them on a ritual in their family known as Latum alterum. After that he just said the experience was very fun and I should try it.

A couple months fast forward and I’m drunk, laying in bed bored. That’s when the idea came to mind of the ritual. So I did it and…. The results were out of this world. I won’t go into detail about the experience but I will say it was both eerie, and trippy.

Materials you will need:

A knife (This can consist of any type of knife ranging from a simple kitchen knife to a switchblade. No butter knifes obviously)
A piece of paper (Any type)
And finally, a dark room to sit in.

First, bring all your materials (including yourself) into the dark room. Set the mirror on a wall and sit down.

Second, grab your paper and lay it in front of you. Grab your knife and make a small slit in your thumb, big enough to ooze out some blood by squeezing your thumb. Squeeze the blood out on to your paper.

Third, light a single match and light the candle. Lay the candle over your blood on the paper.

Fourth, chant three times.

“I wish to speak with the other side, you are allowed into my home, to my event.”

Fifth, blow out the candle, and light another one. Close your eyes and say.
“Thanks for coming to the event, I hope we have a pleasant get together. Welcome.”

Sixth, finally light the candle. If the match doesn’t light or goes out more than three times I advise you run to the nearest light source and do not go back into that room until morning.

Now, if you completed all these steps right, you should begin to experience one out of three things happening.

If you hear whispering behind you, that means they have accepted to come into your house and they are talking to each other. You’ll probably feel tingling on your back but do not worry, that’s just them attempting to get your attention. YOU CAN NOT TURN AROUND WHEN THEY TOUCH YOU, DO NOT TURN AROUND.

Second, if you don’t hear whispering but you hear taps and knocks around your house that means they still accepted the invite but they’d rather explore your house than talk to you and the other spirits.

Third, if none of the two happens and the candle goes out. Close your eyes and chant.

“The event is over, you shall all go home and never return.”
Once done, leave the room and don’t return until morning.

And that’s basically it to the ritual. Just a little fun to have.

Oh, I forgot to mention you can use anything to make the little slit in your thumb. Goodbye, I hope you all have a spooky, wonderful night.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/threekings/comments/45ubqk/how_to_summon_spirits_latum_alterum/

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