My Predictions For 2015!

Each year the website asks for readers to submit their predictions for the upcoming year. On December 31, 2014, I submitted the following 10 predictions for 2015, whicj I also posted on our Twitter feed.

In no particular order:

Prince Charles of Great Britain breaks arm in accident and requires hospitalization.

Brazilian airline crashes in one of South America’s worst airline disasters.

Major movie star arrested for murder exposing years of domestic violence cover ups.

Coup in West African nation causes widespread panic and death due to anarchy & lack of health issues.

Australian sportsperson goes missing and is not found.

Volcanic eruptions in Iceland causes widespread destruction and turmoil.

Major Mexican politician assassinated live on t.v.

Vince McMahon (WWE) & former President Bill Clinton suffer major heart attacks.

Massive archeological find in Egypt uncovers previously unknown Pharoah’s tomb.

This one has come true already – see the following links:


Scandal in Japanese parliament almost brings down government.

How many more will come true?

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