Peruvian Family Tormented By Possessed Doll!

A family in Peru say that they are being tormented by a possessed doll that comes to life at night and attacks their children!

The strange claims come from the Nunez family, who live in the Peruvian city of El Callao and recently had their story featured on television there.

According to the family, they received the doll seven years ago from a relative and their home has been plagued with unnerving activity ever since.

It appears that most of the unsettling events occur at night as the children have reportedly heard inexplicable knocking in the house and one child even woke up with unexplained scratches and bruises!

Additionally, the family say that they usually position the doll in a corner before they go to bed, but the creepy-looking toy is often discovered atop furniture in the morning.

The experience has proven to be so troubling for the family that they actually enlisted an ‘angel expert’ to cleanse the home.

However, the purported psychic seemingly could not eradicate what she called an ‘evil presence’ lingering inside the doll.

Nonetheless, for reasons unexplained, the Nunez family has opted to keep the creepy toy rather than toss it in the trash in the hopes of ending their ordeal.

While their story may seem laughable to some, paranormal history is rife with cases of mysterious ‘haunted objects.’


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