Paranormal Stories From Northeast India!

Paranormal activities are not rare they have been existing since man got conscious. Paranormal activities are events or phenomenon’s that are not normal or that cannot be backed by any scientific explanation. Paranormal activity popular belief can include ghost, unidentified flying objects and extra terrestrial life. If we date back since the time when man was still a cave man we can find evidence of man believing in paranormal activities and they were described as unexplained phenomenon that man could not described and the remnants dates back till today where we still encircle activities that are not explainable. There are a lot of instances even in the North east where events happen and they are not understood by anyone or events which evokes fears in the mind of the people one such incident is in a place in Assam where the food in a plate just magically turns to ash and no explanations can be cited for it .Here are the haunted places and stories told by people who witness paranormal activity across the North east


There is a place in Jorhat the Gymkhana club where there are a lot of mysterious happenings. Apparently there is a place or to be specific there is a lodge where the freemason lives and it seem they would practice their rituals but it so happened that something wrong happened during one such ritual and it seems they abandoned the place but the relic remain and whenever anybody visit the place some strange sounds would be heard. On investigating it seem there was a mysterious object with strange signs and symbol that etched at the investigators.


Shillong the Capital of Meghalaya is known for its natural beauty but Shillong is quite a mysterious place and has many such occurrence that is befitting for the place .One such story was one and as legends has, it seems on one faithful New year’s eve, a young man who was new to the place came upon a beautiful lady in an obscure corner of the garden where the party was held. Both started chatting and interestingly they instantly hit it off together. When the time came to bid good bye, the boy offered the girl his coat maybe in the hope to see her again she gave him an address to pick it up from and then left for her home. When the next day the young man turned up at the given address, to his surprise he found it to be a cemetery and the coat lying upon a tombstone which bore her name.


Nagaland this is a narration made by a person who had witnessed paranormal activity and according to that person it so happen that one night like usual while she, her younger sister and her father had a walk and they continued on the straight road leading to the other locality. They were more than a mile into that road when the father began telling them that he had been informed that the other road leading to the cemetery was haunted and many people had experienced strange sensations and quite a few of them had claimed to see strange figures. At that time the narrator was a five year old kid and she was obviously a bit frightened and they even decided to turn back home as they were about to turn back, suddenly her sister who was three years older than the narrator, gave a huge shriek. They were all stunned by the yell, she and the father witnessed that the sister was not moving and was constantly looking at something. They slowly began to turn their heads into the direction she was looking. The next thing they knew, they were in the cemetery and her sister was looking at a burning funeral pyre with absolutely no one around and this is never the case, as someone has to be there until a dead body is totally burnt down. When they came to their senses they started running as fast as they could. The next day, they came to know that for the last seven days not a single dead had been brought to the cemetery. From that day, their evening walks took place in the mornings.


There is a report that state that the gynecology department in the JNIMS hospital is haunted. Although the exact spot where the strongest paranormal activity has been reported was the area from the toilet and the entire stretch of the corridor leading to it from the ward. The affected people describe the experience of sensing the presence of someone close by, or tingling sensations, or changes in temperature, or heavy footsteps following them when there was clearly not a single person in there, that is apart from the victims themselves. These experiences have been related mostly by attendants of patients, but it seems the staffs on night duty have had similar experiences.


In Sikkim, there’s a house infamous for a woman, who used to murder everyone who visited it. Apparently, she was buried in one of the walls. According to a few daredevil who wanted to shoot and to recreate the murder scene in the same house which is supposedly haunted and while they were shooting they didn’t use any VFX, they had to ensure proper lighting. While one of the crew was checking the first floor and as she was descending down the curved hallway, she caught a glimpse of a woman standing at the edge of the stairs. They started to use the thermal camera and found thermal print of footsteps right where the girl had seen the spirit. The actress, who was playing her, couldn’t speak her lines and froze in the middle of a shot. Apparently, she had seen someone walk right in front of her, through the walls.

Arunachal Pradesh

This happened to some tourist according to one of them they started off from the Arunachal border along with four other friends and a driver who was also serving as a guide in a huge SUV. The road was steep and full of snow and they reached a local tea shop on the way and stopped for refreshment. While all of them had their share of tea the narrator wasn’t interested and being a nature lover he walked a few minutes to capture nature’s beauty in his camera and it so happened that he came across a shepherd who was playing his flute very beautifully. The narrator stopped to listen to him and tried to converse with him. The language was unknown so the narrator didn’t talk much and walked back. Meanwhile the driver was looking for him the narrator return to the car and they all set off as usual then he started talking to the driver about the place and it’s beauty and they came across the place where the narrator had seen the shepherd and he told the driver about him and how beautifully he was playing. The driver stopped immediately and asked the narrator if he had given the shepherd boy any money. The narrator said no so the driver continued driving away from there immediately. This brought about much curiosity to the narrator and he asked the driver the reason for his shock behavior. The driver explanation shocked the narrator according to legend there was a shepherd some years ago who used to play beautiful flute which would impress the passersby. One day four men from city had come. They gave him money saying they will take him with them to make him rich and all this was explained to the shepherd boy’s dad too and they took the shepherd boy away and within two week the boy’s dead body was found in the snow. People say they recorded his music and without paying the boy killed him. The boy’s spirit is seen by some tourists after that day and people trying to give him money haven’t survived.


In Mizoram there is a place where there is an old woman who lived alone apparently the old woman had a really tough life and she was often heard crying. She passed away but legends hold that the place she lives in still carry forth her aura .The person who went to live after she died often sees shadow of the old woman and at times they would hear cries of the old woman. This was really eerie and it is reported that until date no one reside in the place and its left fading away


This is a story yet by one person who was victim to another paranormal activity .Let us take a look at her story .This was in the year 1990 and then I was a 17 year old old and my brother was 20 and there were instances when I and my brother visit this forest near the lake we would often go to the forest to relax and at times we visit the forest at dusk to witness the setting sun.(I always carry my camera with me) .It so happen that one such day me and my brother got into the interior of the forest and before we knew it, it got late and night dawn on us and my brother tried to hurry and walk fast to see the road again yet suddenly we heard some activity coming from the forest it was some loud noise on investigation we found that there was a was a huge gathering of people singing and enjoying they asked us to join them we did and took some photos and left when the photos were ready to our great astonishment the only person showing in the photo was me and my brother .This incident completely spook us out and we never went to the forest again.


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