Paranormal Personality – Aaron Sagers!

Aaron Sagers jokes that living in his former Bethlehem home was akin to being stuck in the middle of a breeding ground for potential paranormal activity.

“To quote ‘Ghostbusters,’ I was in the middle of Spook Central,” Sagers says, followed by a laugh. “Right around the time I noticed this sort of emerging trend of paranormal pop culture taking off, I was living on Main Street next to Cigars International, right across from the Sun Inn and right down the street from Hotel Bethlehem.”

But there is nothing funny about Sagers’ passion for seeking out things that go bump in the night.

Sagers, who now resides in New York City, is the host and co-executive producer of the new Travel Channel series, “Paranormal Paparazzi.” He describes the show as an entertainment news show based around the world of the paranormal. The series premiere airs 7 p.m. Friday tonight.

“There’s nothing else out there like this in the paranormal genre,” Sagers says, adding that the show will touch on more than just ghosts. “It includes all of the paranormal areas, from ghosts to UFOs and zombies and apocalyptic cultures.”

The show, Sagers says, is heavily influenced by his website, “I think there are so many great locations (out there), whether you believe or don’t believe, there are a lot of great stories, a lot of rich history that would draw people in.”

Sagers says the show is different from popular paranormal investigative shows such as “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Lab” and “Ghost Adventures.” “I have a newsroom in New York City and I have a group of reporters I send out there to chase after these stories and they come back and we talk about it,” Sagers says. “If there is an apocalyptic bunker in some remote location in Texas, I’ll send reporters to go check it out.”

Sagers says his fascination with the unexplained started at an early age.

“I’ve always been a fan of horror and scary stories. I grew up in the ’80s and I loved basically everything by (Steven) Spielberg …That kind of stuff really influenced me; Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe,” Sagers says. “I was always throwing together a backpack full of stuff, striking out in the middle of the night looking for monsters. For me, these stories and the theories of what might actually be out there were one in the same.”

By the time he was an adult, Sagers, a former entertainment journalist, had parlayed his enthusiasm for paranormal pop culture into the website. “I wanted to create something of my own, something that really allowed me to share my perspective, and that led to the website,” he explains. “I created a space, an intersection for people that believe in this stuff and want to go out and look for it or people who are entertained by it and love it.”

Sagers says he had previously attempted doing a similar show to “Paranormal Paparazzi,” but it didn’t work out. He says about a year ago he was approached about doing a new show.

“We pounded out some ideas and I started shopping it around to the networks and Travel Channel picked it up,” Sagers says. “We didn’t have to do a pilot. It went straight to series.”

Sagers says the first season is eight episodes long. He is hopeful it will be renewed for a second season. “The paranormal has taken over our culture and there is no reason we can’t have fun with it,” he says.

One of the components of the “Paparazzi” is celebrity interviews. He says it wasn’t hard to get the celebrities — he can’t name names, but says fans expect to see the usual famous faces associated with the horror and paranormal genres — to open up. Sagers says ghosts and other related phenomena have been frequent topics of discussion during comic book and horror conventions he would attend while promoting his website.

“It’s funny, I think I say this on camera, but paranormal is sort of like new the rehab,” Sagers says. “It seems like every celebrity wants to weigh in on it, one way or the other.”

Sagers points to Twitter feeds as an example of the rich and famous being just as intrigued by tales of suspense. “With celebrities, one thing I noticed a couple of years ago when I first launched the website, even before then, I noticed in doing interviews celebrities would bring up the paranormal, like living in a haunted house or working on a haunted set,” Sagers says.

Sagers will be on hand for the New York Comic-Con, taking place Oct. 11-14 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, speaking about zombies and “maybe a ghostly thing as well,” he says.

But he hasn’t ruled out returning to the Valley for an investigation.

“If the Lehigh Valley ever needs me, I’m certainly there,” Sagers says. “I’m certainly happy to do anything for the area.”

Though he hosts his own and show has his own website, Sagers stresses that he is both a skeptic and believer when it comes to explaining the unexplainable. “I believe something is out there but I am skeptical on a case-by-case basis.”


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