Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police!

Being a police officer is one of the most dangerous jobs in the entire world. You have to deal with very rugged people, some of the worst in the society, and you are still expected to act normal. A day in the life of a police officer is probably one of the longest days anyone could imagine. But in their job description, I doubt it is stated that they are obligated to deal with paranormal situations also. But within this countdown, you are about to witness 5 Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police! Ready? Well…Lets begin!

1. Enfield Poltergeist

Peggy Hodgson’s house was in the headlines for all the scariest reasons. It was not because of a crime committed but because of a paranormal activity that caught the whole neighborhood by storm. Her daughter had insinuated to her that things were shaking and moving on their own but it was not until she had to find out on her own. She one day witnessed her daughter levitating above her bed and decided to call for help. Paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed came to her rescue. Later in her report, WP Heeps claimed that she had indeed witnessed paranormal activities in Hodgson’s house and was unable to help because there was no evidence of law breaking….

2. Silbury Hill Beings

A police officer who was off duty at the time was driving near Silbury Hill in 2009. He noticed something that caught his attention and decided to investigate further into it. He reported seeing about three people who were dressed in white overalls and looked like they were busy investigating something. He went closer to find out what it is they were looking at and when they saw him they took off at speeds that cannot be achieved by normal human beings. The terrified officer immediately sought the services of OFO experts to try and resolve what he saw but no answers were forthcoming…

3. Indiana Demon House

A police officer in Indiana corroborated what turned out to be a haunting story of a family home in Gary. The home belonging to Latoya Ammons and her three children were haunted by evil spirits who took control of her daughters occasionally. These spirits seemed to levitate the girls and at some point, there was evidence of footprints belonging to unknown entities within the house. While many people believed the story to be a hoax, Ammons family believed it to be true and even decided to move places just to prove they were right. And indeed…they were right. When they eventually relocated to a different house, they thankfully did not report any more hauntings of their children.

4. Don Decker And The Devil

A man named Don Decker had been given a compassionate leave to go and bury his grandfather. He decided to stay at a friend’s house and that evening, when he went upstairs to wash his hands, he became dazed and fell down. He came back downstairs and was in a trance-like state and right away, his friend Bob could see deep scratch marks on his wrist. Soon after and out of no where, water started leaking from the roof of the house and from the floor non stop. When they tried to find out what was wrong, they realized that it was all abnormal. They later called the police and officers Baujan and Richard showed up. Richard did not believe that the event was too paranormal but Baujan was convinced that it had somerthing to do with the outside world….

5. Devil’s Peak incident

Maurice “Frenchy” had a normal upbringing but as he grew older, he began noticing things and powers within him that were superhuman. When he was prevented from enlisting for the army, he decided to marry and settle in Massachusetts in 1985. Soon after, strange things began to happen in their home and blood would fill the entire house from nowhere. They also witnessed fires that were unexplained and Frenchy began appearing and disappearing in the house. These events were also witnessed by a police officer and thanks to his declarations, the house was exorcised by the priests…

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