Oregon Family Captures Supposed ‘Bigfoot’ Video!

A family of 4 in southeastern Oregon on Sunday released footage containing what they called a “Bigfoot” creature.

Jason Dixon, his wife, son and father were recording a video in front of Wildhorse Lake on Saturday when they spotted the human-like figure.

The 20-second-video shows Dixon’s father speaking to the camera, being held by his grandson, as Dixon is heard in the background regarding the unknown “animal”. A biped can be seen in what appears to be a squatting position by the edge of the lake as it brings water to its mouth.

“Dad what is that?” asks Dixon’s son. The “animal” starts running across the green grass and away from the lake.

The grandfather then turns around and Dixon suggests it is possibly a bear. The camera immediately shuts down.

Read more here: http://cryptozoologynews.com/oregon-family-capture-images-bigfoot/

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