Murder Victims Who Haunt The Places They Were Killed!

1. Cannock Chase murders

Where: Staffordshire – A34

When: During the late 1960s

What happened: Four young girls ranging in ages from 5-9 were
kidnapped, taken to the woods and only one of them survived, tragically, the
other three were strangled to death.

Their bodies were dumped in the wooded area in Cannock Chase, the shocking
murders sparked a man hunt for 39-year-old Raymond Leslie Morris.

Morris had previously been interviewed over the disappearance of children and
his car was used in another attempted kidnapping.

Once caught, he was charged with murder and spent the rest of his life in
prison until he died on March 11 2014, at the age of 84.

Haunted by: Since Morris’ death, visitors to Cannock Chase have
reported seeing various ghost sightings of “black eyed children”.

One person allegedly heard a little girl’s giggle and saw a young girl but her
eyes were black.

Michelle Mason, who visited the woods with her two sons made a spooky
discovery after she caught on camera a ghostly figure of a little girl
holding a hula hoop.


2. The Amityville Murders

Where: Amityville, New York

When: November 13, 1974

What happened: A couple and their four children were shot dead and
discovered by their eldest son, Ronald DeFeo Jr.

The victims were identified as Ronald DeFeo Sr, 43, his wife, Louise, 42, two
sons, John, 9, and Mark, 12, and two daughters, Allison, 13, and Dawn 18.

Ronald Jr was taken into the station for his own protection but the following
day he confessed to the murders of all his family.

Haunted by: The Amityville house is reportedly one of the most haunted
houses in the world and the story of Amityville Horror is one of the most
famous ever.

The Lutz family moved into the house shortly after the murders of the DeFeo
family and experienced various supernatural incidents.

Reportedly, the water mysteriously turned black, doors would slam and nasty
smells would fill the house. They also claimed they heard footsteps running
throughout the house and saw ghostly figures.

One of the Lutz children, Missy, apparently made a friend with one of the
figures named Josie and was ominously told “you’ll live here forever”.

After the series of spooky events, the family eventually vacated the house.


3. LaLaurie Mansion

Where: Royal Street, New Orleans

When: 1831

What happened: Delphine LaLaurie was a wealthy woman in the New Orleans
area and like many of the socialites in that era, she owned many slaves.

However, by law, slave owners were required to feed and shelter their slaves,
which many of Madame LaLaurie’s friends believed she didn’t do.

When a fire broke out at the large mansion, rescuers discovered several
malnourished and maltreated slaves in the building, they also found a number
of dead bodies.

LaLaurie had been torturing the slaves and mutilating their bodies and burying
their bodies on the premises.

Haunted by: For almost 200 years there have been reports of the house
being haunted by ghosts.

Witnesses have apparently heard moaning sounds coming from the slaves’
quarters and footsteps through the mansion.


4. Tower of London

Where: London

When: 1483

What happened: When Edward IV died suddenly in 1483, his eldest son
Edward V was crowned King of England but he and his younger brother Richard
were in the care of their uncle Richard III.

After the coronation, Richard III insisted the young king and his brother
remained in the Tower of London for his own protection.

But the two boys were never seen again after Richard III declared them
illegitimate because their dad was allegedly supposed to marry someone
before their mother.

It was commonly believed that Richard III killed his nephews to gain the

Haunted by: The two princes have allegedly been seen in windows of the
Tower of London and have even been caught on camera by psychic artist
Christine Hamlett, 58.


5. Manson Murders

Where: Cielo Drive, Los Angeles

When: August 8, 1969

What happened: Sharon Tate, an American actress who was married to
director Roman Polanski, had been to her favourite restaurant before
returning to her LA home that evening.

During the night, a pregnant Sharon, her friends Sebring, Frykowski and Folger
and Steven Parent, a young man, were murdered by members of the infamous
Charles Manson’s family.

The bodies were discovered by Sharon’s maid and they were all stabbed numerous
times, with the exception of Steven who was shot in his car.

Haunted by: Reportings of many ghosts have been seen haunting the LA
house, even after it was ripped down and rebuilt.

David Oman said in 1999 that he heard weird voices and footsteps throughout
the house and a ghostly appearance at the foot of his bed.


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