Mothman Like Creatures Reported In Singapore!

Three unrelated Singaporean residents claim to have spotted a winged humanoid in recent weeks:

1: A teacher in Singapore says he saw a “winged humanoid” inside an abandoned house.

Fergus Waffles, a 46-year-old geography teacher at a Singapore school, today said that he was walking his dog in the Istana Woodneuk area when he spotted the alleged creature earlier this morning.

“I was walking in the woods with my dog near an abandoned house at about 5:50 a.m.,” Waffles told Cryptozoology News. “I peered inside the window of the house and saw what appeared to be a winged humanoid hanging from a door frame.My dog saw the creature and remained completely still and silent while staring in its direction,” he added.

Waffles claims the humanoid was still with just its chest “moving up and down as if it were breathing”.

2: A 19-year-old claims he saw a winged humanoid in broad daylight in eastern Singapore.

College student Mildred Wan said on Tuesday that he was scouting the location for a student film at an abandoned hospital near Changi.

“I was walking out of the hospital doors having explored the surroundings,” he told Cryptozoology News. While I was inside, I had heard a noise which was similar to a large monkey rustling around the tree tops.”

Wan says what happened next was “one of the most terrifying experiences” of his life.

“As I left the building, I saw the creature. It appeared to be halfway up one of the trees with huge wings stretched out from its body, which appeared to be mostly human.”

3: A woman claims she saw a creature that looked like a “tall man with wings” at an abandoned house in Singapore.

54-year-old avid birdwatcher Alice Yimdale said she was looking for birds near Dempsey Hill when she spotted the being inside the abandoned building last Sunday.

“It was 2:30 p.m. when my husband and I went to the forest looking for birds, I do love a good bird watching session,” she told Cryptozoology News. “This is why My husband and I live in Singapore, a hub of beautiful birds. We like this place because, unlike our house, it is quiet and tranquil.”

Yimdale reports that as they came near an empty building, she heard a “loud fluttering noise”.

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