Michigan Lights Leave Locals & UFO Experts In The Dark!

A 50-year mystery in a Michigan forest has local residents and paranormal hunters baffled by the source of white light that has appeared throughout the years.

The “Paulding Light,” named after an area so small that it doesn’t even appear on the US census, has been a fascinating phenomenon spotted in between trees near the Wisconsin border.

Hundreds of tourists flock to the site every year hoping to get a glimpse.

The first recorded sight of the light was by a group of teenagers in 1966 who reported the incident to the local sheriff.

Since then, other people have reported seeing the light on numerous occasions.

In local folklore, some believe the light is a ghost, while others think there is a more scientific explanation for the sightings.

A group of engineering students from Michigan Technological University claimed to have debunked the mystery by conducting experiments in 2010 and said it is just the headlights of vehicles traveling down the highway.

That “truth” has not deterred curious tourists who continue to flock to the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the hope of seeing the light for themselves.

Store owner Jason Lannet told the Detroit Free Press that dozens of tourists constantly ask him for directions.

“I’ve seen it where there’s 50 cars there, both sides of the road and all the way back,” Lannet said. “I get a million people that come looking for directions because they’re lost.”

Though the 43-year-old has seen the light many times, he said that he’s still curious about what it really is.

“I know from when I’ve been out there it’s weird when you see it, because every night it’ll be dim then it’ll come. I’ve seen it where it looks like it’s in the ditch right next to your car. I wish I knew what it was,” he added.

Also weird is the fact that the iconic Velvet Underground album, “White Light/White Heat’, was recorded just a year after the original sighting.

Source: https://www.rt.com/viral/358674-mysterious-light-michigan-forest/

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