Melbourne’s ‘Haunted Bookshop’!

Drew Stinson from melbourne's Haunted Bookshop.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting Melbourne’s world famous ‘Haunted Bookshop’. Despite arriving moments before the regular closing time, the enigmatic and engaging owner Drew chatted with my wife and I about all things business and paranormal for an hour and a half. If ever you’re in Melbourne, The Haunted Bookshop is a must see destination. See what others have had to say below:

The Haunted Bookshop is number one for Melbourne’s occult tomes

In an enchantingly peaceful city laneway, tarot cards depicting the Lovers and Death stand sentinel as a red velvet curtain on your right and a simple white sigil to your left silently guide you through the doorway.

Despite the esoteric setting, it’s not all shadows and spectres at the Haunted Bookshop. Proprietor Drew Sinton has created a magically educational oasis where aficionados of the arcane and those curious about the occult can search and query all manner of spiritual tomes. This paranormal parlour is exceptionally well-stocked with titles covering topics from reincarnation, Magick, zombies, palmistry, horror, spirituality, mediumship, vampires, divination, aliens, Wicca and appropriately, ghosts. Shoppers are also offered a formidable online catalogue, gothic jewellery, tarot decks and supernatural knick-knacks.

Punters with a ghostly bent are in luck as the Haunted Bookshop is home to the Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour. Sinton leads the two-hour narrated tour through the shadowy city streets every Thursday and Saturday night. From the Victoria Markets (which host the corpses of 9000 of Melbourne’s original inhabitants) to ghost-infested pubs and abandoned buildings, you’ll take in a rich historic tour of the murdered, the betrayed and the generally discontent souls of Melbourne’s past. The appearance of ethereal companions neither guaranteed nor denied. Book in store, by phone or through the Haunted Bookshop Facebook page. A resident spirit called Donald, in lieu of a cat sleeping in the front window, further validates the Haunted Bookshop’s otherworldly cred.


The internationally-acclaimed Haunted Bookshop is Australia’s leading occult bookshop, specialising in all things supernatural.

Haunted Australia TV presenter Drew Sinton founded the store, eerily enough on Halloween in 1997. The store reveals Melbourne’s mysterious side with books on magic, witchcraft, satanism, Anton LaVey, divination, tarot, ghosts, vampires and aliens.

The Haunted Bookstore is the home of the haunted Melbourne ghost tour and recipient of the 2008 Lord Mayor’s Small Business Proprietor Commendation. You’ll come face to face with Melbourne’s haunted past on an informative, fun-filled two hour historical walking tour. The tour starts from the Haunted Bookshop at 8.30pm on Saturdays and bookings are essential.


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