Living In A Haunted House!

How to Live in a Haunted House…

You’ve found the perfect house for a reasonable price, and it has enough room for you and your family. What happens when living in the seemingly perfect house leads you to experience strange events like hearing voices, objects being moved around and strange figures flitting around the corner of your eye? What if your house turns out to be haunted? Here’s how to deal with sharing a house with ghosts.

Types of Hauntings:
Paranormal experts maintain that there are different types of hauntings that people experience. Knowing what type of haunting you’re experiencing in your house can help in deciding how to deal with them.

•Residual Haunting. Residual haunting means that there’s no actual ghost or entity in your house, just impressions of what they did there when they were living. They may come in the form of voices, footsteps and even figures walking in various parts of the house. They do not interact with living beings in any way. There’s no real way to get rid of them, and you may just have to get used to them. However, some suggest that changing or remodeling parts of the house may help dissipate the energies stuck in their old ways.

•Intelligent Hauntings. Intelligent hauntings can be applied to what is commonly known as ghosts.They can be mischievous, benevolent or downright hostile, their attitudes depending on why they are haunting the house in the first place.

•Poltergeists. Poltergeist refer to the mischievous or hostile entities who have the ability to move objects around. They can also manifest themselves through apparitions and voices.

•Demonic Hauntings. Demonic hauntings are the most serious and most dangerous of all hauntings. Their aim is to break the human spirit and their free will until they can possess them. They do it in various ways, such as hurting people and inflicting psychological torment. They can come in forms of dark masses of shadow, humans or animals. Fortunately, they happen rarely, but if you run into them, seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t try to deal with a demonic haunting yourself. There are a number of people who can help you like priests, spiritualists, exorcists and even paranormal investigators.

If you have an idea on what kind of entity you’re dealing with, you can then decide on how exactly you will deal with them.

Dealing with Hauntings:
People who live with ghosts may feel scared, frustrated and questioning about why this happened to them. There are several healthy ways you can deal with hauntings, and they all start with yourself.

1.Never assume. People who have interacted ghosts and have done a little research easily fall into assumptions that they are dealing with entities of previous tenants of the house. This is not always the case. Demonic entities, for example, can assume the forms of humanlike apparitions to make you feel comfortable with them, opening yourself to them and making yourself vulnerable. Remember, you can’t see them, so keep assumptions on what you’re dealing with to a minimum. Never assuming can also refer to keeping a healthy skepticisim that you’re dealing with ghosts. Exhaust all logical means of explaining the mysterious events in the house before jumping to conclusions.

2.Keep a positive attitude. Negative energies like fear, anger and frustration only make the entities stronger. Fear may be unavoidable, but do your best to rise above the fear. Try to find out if your family members have problems that may be another source of the negative energy. Support each other and reassure each other that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

3.Don’t seek them out. Ghosts are not people you can sit down and have a reasonable talk with. Don’t get angry with them and don’t try to provoke them. They can’t be dealt with the same way we deal with living people who inconvenience us. Using an ouija board is usually a big mistake that many people make when dealing with hauntings. Trying methods to contact ghosts or entities usually make the problems worse, because you end up inviting them in or providing a portal in your home that cannot be closed. (But if you want to try for the heck of it, read how to contact the dead)

4.Avoid them. If the ghost tends to favor a particular area in your house, try to make it into a storage area or a room where you will rarely have to go to.

5.Hire the professionals. If you do want to contact whatever it is that’s haunting your house, do it by inviting professional paranormal investigators, priests or mediums who have had experience in dealing with this phenomena. They will most likely believe your story than other people.

6.They’re not vermin. Often, people get disappointed or angry when the entity comes back after a house blessing or after a ritual to drive them out had been done. Keep in mind that ghosts are not like rats that can be removed in one go, and that you’ll have to live with them more often than not. Many families in fact have learned how to deal with ghosts like unseen visitors who sometimes causes strange things to happen.

7.Leave the house. If the entities are very hostile, causing physical and psychological distress to you and your family, don’t waste time in getting out of that place immediately.


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