The Lake Gosford UFO Incident!

Gosford, Central Coast Australia, 1994

On early Christmas morning near the city of Gosford, Australia, the first sighting occurred. According to testimony from former Air Traffic Controller Lindsay Carter, it was a quiet morning as he headed north from Sydney.

Peering out his front windshield, Carter saw about a half-mile away, a silver, metallic object in the sky. The object was crossing from South to North.

Another eyewitness to the object was housewife June O’Hare, who saw the UFO move over the water. The object was surrounded by lights.

By New Year’s Eve, numerous calls were made to local authorities reporting a UFO, according to Sgt. Bob Wenning. All of the callers reported a huge, ball-shaped object with bright lights on the bottom. Witnesses observed the UFO sucking up water from the lake.

Other witnesses claimed to have watched the unknown object move over the waters for as long as 15 minutes. They stated that they had never seen anything that looked like what they saw that day.

Eyewitness Margaret Howe watched the same object. She reported lights coming up out of the water, and the object moving over the water. She could hear the sound of rushing water as it was being sucked into the mysterious craft. After a moment or two, the UFO returned the object to the lake.

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