Lady Romana – The Brazilian Seer Of Nativity!

n Tocantins, in the town of Nativity, there is a small front yard to a house that calls quite a bit of attention. It’s littered with enormous rock sculptures. Inside, there is an entire community of mystical symbols, writings of cryptic and unknown languages and beings from other worlds.

Nearby, in the house right ahead, a mysterious woman resides: Lady Romana. I went there with a couple of friends, who stood talking to her. As she explains it to all who visit her, she says she erected the statues around her lawn when she was younger by order of her spiritual mentors.

The psychic says, in her visions, she receives messages of an approaching cataclysmic moment for the planet in which its axis will rotate and the earth will undergo “a big wash”. The statues she erected will then take life and each one will go to its proper place on the planet to give adequate support when such critical times come.

Maybe that’s why most of the statues do not seem inert: almost all are seemingly endowed with the ability to move. This is indicated by the stone pigeons that decorate several parts of the yard. It is expected that during the time of “the big wash” that they will all begin to fly to the places to where they are most needed.

These statues, she said: “were a very old commission but seeing as Brazilians have always been too lazy, it’s been 500 years until somebody erected them”.


The biggest attraction of the place, however, are not the statues of stone, glass and cement which sometimes reach several meters high but the very sculptor herself who, with great effort, raised them.

On her front yard Lady Romana showed us a library of cards which she and her followers designed.They contain the multiple visions demonstrated by the statues on her lawn, as well as maps and other-worldly scenarios, containing captions with the name of each location of the parallel dimensions in which the statue spirits reside.

Such complexity has made Romana a subject of many studies. One day I was shown a book written about her, quite thick. Sitting at her home, my friend questioned her about her ancestry and connection to an ancient African princess. He asked her quite a lot. Dona Romana restrained herself to simply commenting: “Look, while you speak about the princess, she’s right there in the room, calling you.”

Entering the room, we were surprised to notice that the person whom he talked so much about was there in a sprawling design on the wall next to many other drawings that filled the house. In that instant, I could tell that rational rigour was unable to contain itself in the face all the mystique of that environment.

I, in turn, limited myself to gifting a few photos and papers of a very famous esoteric community in Minas Gerais, which was also famous for its flying saucers, aliens, and heralding of a new world. And she replied, simply:

“Yes, for this I have to sit, read, study … They told me that pieces of the four corners of the globe would arrive here, that everything would unite here. And sometimes this is the way that it happens, right? Through a peice of paper like this.”

The rest of the afternoon, Romana told us several stories. She told us of the time when she came down a river by boat and opened up a portal. On the other side she could see Atlantis. She also showed us a huge shed where she keeps water and supplies to help the people of the region after the great cataclysm as well as seashells encrusted in rhinestones which today she uses to perform spiritual surgery.

One by one, she could count the name, history and function of each shell as well as the reason for being commissioned by their mentors. In the future, she said, these are the instruments of a new medicine. Everything in her house is like a seed about to take life and reveal its true form in the near future not so far from now.

At night, we had the opportunity to go to a meeting attended by Lady Romana, her followers and several children. There, in front of an altar with several Catholic images, she sang a very beautiful hymn she had learned from her family. The hymn spoke of the passion of Christ and it was sung along to by all.

Later, an Umbanda circle took place. Her followers became entranced and each received a different entity. One of them incorporated a lion to which was Romana’s duty to tame. In another, the entity of a deceased slave, the preto velho, which had the misfortune to be approached by a visiting lady who had just arrived in time for the circle and was asking for favors for her husband.

“Give him a job! I’m waiting.” To which he replied: “All right my daughter, I’ll look.”

At the end of it all, Lady Romana was tasked to give farewell to the spirits and everyone returned to normal to discuss day to day matters and then go home. “Someone else’s woman? That’s a man!”, I heard someone say.

I slept closeby and left for home the next day. I had spent the previous day taking many pictures of that sea of statues, chapels, crosses, birds and antennae, but the sculptures were so many and so varied that I couldn’t register them all.

All the statues are facing the same direction. The sun rises behind the sculptures and they see the sun set in front of them. Later, I was accused of being a bad photographer. In my defense, photography courses wouldn’t be enough to capture the beauty of that place which can only be known in person.


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