Is This Video Proof Of Ghosts? Hmmm – Let’s See!

A VIDEO alleging to show a violent poltergeist caught on CCTV in a hotel went viral with some viewers suggesting it was conclusive proof of the malevolent ghosts.

The clips uploaded to YouTube showed a lone woman in a dining room run in terror after a chair next to her suddenly moved.

But YouTube paranormal channel Night Ghost House, which claims to research for genuine evidence of ghosts and poltergeists, was left with egg on its face after it emerged it was a hoax.

Several tables and chairs were literally flung into a doorway, blocking the woman’s exit.

She then appeared to faint and lay unconscious on the floor as other furniture moved around her.

In another scene a man runs out of a room where a chair inexplicably moves.

Night Ghost House posted the clip under the heading “Poltergeist Attacks in Hotel” and blurb: “Video footage of what appears to be a Poltergeist moving objects around inside a hotel.”

Thousands of people viewed the clip with some saying: “That is some devastating attack.

Personally, I think she would have possibly saved herself or at least minimised the harm if she made the sign of the cross and said a prayer.”

Another suggested it was definitive proof of the afterlife and could not be debunked adding: “OMG! I want to see this debunked lol. Poor lady, at least it didn’t hurt her.”

But others were closer to the truth, with one adding: “Maybe used footage like the film as Paranormal Activity,” another said: “fake”, and a third: “Utter ba**s.”

Checks online showed it is actually taken by jokers from the trailer of a little known Malaysian paranormal horror flick Bangunan, with the original sound and references to the movie removed.


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