Is This A Fabled Japanese Ghost Child Caught On Camera?

Is this a fabled Japanese GHOST child caught on camera? Spectre believed to bring good luck is seen in living room

  • A Japanese home owner claims to have filmed a ghost child in his home
  • The video shows what looks to be a small person floating beside a light
  • He claimed it was a ‘zashiki-warashi’, a spirit known to bring good luck

This is the creepy moment a man claims to have filmed a ghost child floating through his home, which according to Japanese folklore brings with it good luck.
Footage of the encounter was uploaded to Facebook by the home owner in Japan and shows what appears to be a child moving around a light.
It is first seen floating from the left, before crouching down and disappearing. Moments later it reappears on the right side of the light and appears to hover above it, before vanishing completely.

The video of the supposed haunting apparition was posted by the homeowner, who claimed it was a zashiki-warashi – a famed character from Japanese folklore.
While the appearance of such a spirit would spook most homeowners, he claimed to be thrilled to find it in his home.

The zashiki-warashi is one of many supernatural characters that includes monsters and spirits that make up Japanese folklore.
But unlike the haunting ghosts of Western fables, it is not a creature of terror.
Taking the form of a child aged five or six, it is believed to be child-like in nature and enjoys playing pranks.
Once it takes over a property, the homeowners are said to receive great fortune.


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