Investigation At The Home Of The Pontefract Poltergeist!

The remarkable events at 30 East Drive that occurred in the late 60’s early 70′s, caused much local excitement with physical events being witnessed by many.

Yet it wasn’t until some 10 years after the hauntings stopped that a young amateur historian, with an interest in the Cluniac Monks of Pontefract, heard about the case and became the first person to formally investigate.

What he uncovered from the local newspaper reports sounded almost too good to be true: poltergeist phenomena apparently caused by the ghost of a Cluniac monk who had been hanged for rape in the time of Henry VIII.

He talked to friends, relatives and neighbours, and to the local vicar and mayor and even the Member of Parliament who had all witnessed some of the phenomena, the results of which convinced him that this was more than just a footnote in the history of the Priory of St.John the Evangelist.

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