An Interview With Harry Price!

Harry Price (January 17, 1881 — March 29, 1948) was a British psychic researcher and author.

Price’s first major success in psychical research came in 1922 when he ‘exposed’ the spirit photographer William Hope. During the same year, Price traveled to Germany together with Eric Dingwall and investigated Willi Schneider. During Helen Duncan’s famous trial in 1944, Price gave his results as evidence for the prosecution.

Price’s psychical research continued with investigations into Karachi’s Indian rope trick and the fire-walking abilities of Kuda Bux in 1935. He was also involved in the formation of the National Film Library (British Film Institute) becoming its first chairman(until 1941) and was a founding member of the Shakespeare Film Society.

In 1936, Price broadcast from a supposedly haunted manor house in Meopham, Kent for the BBC and published The Confessions of a Ghost-Hunter and The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap. This year also saw the transfer of Price’s library on permanent loan to the University of London, followed shortly by the laboratory and investigative equipment. In 1937, he conducted further televised experiments into fire-walking with Ahmed Hussain at Carshalton and Alexandra Palace, and also rented Borley Rectory for one year. The following year, Price re-established the Ghost Club, with himself as chairman, conducted experiments with Rahman Bey who was ‘buried alive’ in Carshalton and drafted a Bill for the regulation of psychic practitioners.

In 1939, he organized a national telepathic test in the periodical John O’London’s Weekly. During the 1940s, Price concentrated on writing and the works The Most Haunted House in England, Poltergeist Over England and The End of Borley Rectory were all published.

According to the most recent biography of Price by Richard Morris, Price fabricated various pieces of evidence for and against psychic phenomena.

Despite his faults, however, Harry Price contributed greatly in encouraging public interest in the psychic field.

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