How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted!

The top 10 Signs That Your House is Haunted:

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories about haunted places and the terrifying things that go on there, but what makes them so haunted? Hauntings can happen to everyone in all walks of life. Even famous people like Nicolas Cage, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Dane Cook claimed to have lived in haunted places, though most have either moved out or cleaned out the bad spirits. There are plenty of signs to look for when you are in a house that may be haunted, and these are the top 10.

10. Strange smells
One usual sign your place could be haunted is strange smells you normally shouldn’t sense. These scents can be abrupt and come from nowhere. A spirit may sometimes bring with it scents it was once familiar with or had, such as cigar smoke or fresh flowers. Knowing whether or not the smells are coming from the house, or from the spirit itself is one way of determining if your house has other inhabitants you may not know about.

9. Odd dreams of people or places you don’t know
If a spirit resides in the house, sometimes they can cause you to dream or even have nightmares about them. You may dream of strange places you’ve never been to or people you can’t recognize. It could be a sign that they are trying to explain their story or make contact with you. You have to understand that sometimes, these are spirits of people who have died under extremely unfortunate circumstances. Dreaming about them or places they are familiar with is a sign that the house is still imprinted with their signature and they may not have passed over. You can often find out the history of your home by going to a public records and seeing if you recognize any of the news stories or people contained in the archives.

8. Feeling of being watched
Some people can be more sensitive to the spirit world than others, and may feel like they are being watched by something lurking in the shadows. Although you shouldn’t rely on this feeling alone to determine whether the house is haunted or not, it can be a sign. If you sense that someone, or thing, is watching you, look around and see if you can detect any other strange phenomenon around you. Don’t be afraid to go out and investigate as this can provide reassurance that others aren’t around. Sometimes when people first move into a new home, they are overcome with the constant feeling of being watched, and it shouldn’t be ignored if it occurs in combination with other signs.

7. Heaviness in the Air
Some people are sensitive to the fields caused when a ghost or entity is present in the house, and it often gives the feeling of a heavyness in the air that can sometimes make it harder to breathe. Sudden changes in the air can be triggered by a spirit manifesting itself in the house, and it’s another sign there could be something lurking in your house. Normal people can detect these changes as well because of the abrupt changes that happen. Usually after a cleansing, or even an exorcism in more extreme cases, people report the air getting lighter almost instantaneously the rituals are complete.

6. Noises
Are you hearing strange noises, or even whispers that can’t be explained? There’s a reason for all the noises, and thats because the spirit or entity may be trying to make its presence known. Of course there can be many noises that can be caused by common household objects or by the house itself, but knowing what noises are normal and which aren’t can help you determine the possible cause. Most spirits don’t make noises that are detectable by the human ear and require evp equipment to track. However, there are spirits called poltergiests (noisy spirits) which are well known to produce some terrifying noises by throwing objects around and making things go bump in the night.

5. Changes in air temperature
Sudden changes in the temperature around you is often a good indicator a spirit is nearby. If you travel through the house and you notice some rooms are much colder than others, or you feel the air around you suddenly getting lower, then it’s probably not your a/c. Sometimes when spirits are around, the air becomes colder because it is absorbing the energy around it in order to manifest. Sometimes you may walk through an unusually cold spot in the house even though the air around it is normal. Just because things get cold however, doesn’t mean you’ll see the figure itself, but it’s still a sign that something is near.

4. Things moving around
Some spirits like to move things, sometimes when you’re not there. You should take notice when these types of things happen. If you know for sure that you’ve put an object somewhere, and it moves from its’ original place, then perhaps you should consider stranger reasons. Entities in the house may be trying to make its presense known by moving objects, or they may be trying to play tricks on you by hiding them in places you normally wouldn’t put them. Knowing for sure where you put things can help you determine what type of phenomenon is really happening. Sometimes things may move while you’re not there, such as doors opening and closing or objects falling off table. Know that any type of spirit that has the power to perform such feats may not be a friendly one. These spirits want their presence known to the homeowners, and should be taken seriously.

3. Being touched
Are you being touched when no one else is around, sometimes leaving a mark on your skin? Well, it could be another indicator your house has other inhabitants. You have to be careful though, brushing up against something or just feeling a slight breeze can sometimes feel like you’re being touched. Knowing for sure what touched you is important, so don’t jump to any conclusions just because you feel the hair on the back of your neck tingling. However, if marks are left after the encounter, or even bruises or cuts that you can’t explain, then it could be a sign of an evil spirit. If the problem escalates, you should research more into the subject and how to protect yourself from these types of entities as they can be very dangerous if left alone.

2. Sudden changes in mood or behavior
Although rare, depending on the types of signs you have, sometimes a more sinister enitity may be residing in your home. These spirits may in fact not be spirits at all, but demonic in origin. Sometimes the fear, anger, anxiety, and other emotions that the entity holds may be passed on to the residents of the house, causing mood and behavioral changes. In more serious cases, the outcome may be possession. One must be wary and cautious of both themselves and others if this is the case. Any changes in the mood or behavior of the household should be looked at more to prevent potential complications in the future. If full possession is allowed to take hold, then an exorcism will have to be performed.

and the number one…

1. Seeing is believing
The absolute best way of knowing your house is haunted is by actually seeing the entity itself. Spirits may manifest themselves before your very eyes, and if you got a sharp eye, you may be able to catch a glimpse of it. Seeing is believing, and it’s almost a surefire way of knowing your house is haunted. Figures of full bodied people may appear or disappear in some cases. You may see people who look entirely normal and vanish before your very eyes. These people may appear to be pale, wounded, bloody, or in the same state they died in. These people aren’t your typical shadowy figure or mist in the corner of your eye, and more often than not, these are the souls of people who have died in terrible ways. An example of this is at the Gettysburg battlefield, some visitors may see full figured soldiers marching into battle and fading away into the night. Sometimes these ghostly images may repeat what they previously did when they died, often replaying over and over like a video recording. Their souls have passed but the images of them remain stamped on the environment.


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