Hauntings At The Blue Pelican Inn!

The Blue Pelican Inn in Central Lake has changed hands many times over the years since it opened in 1924. While new owners have moved in and out as the years go by, a few lost souls still remain.

“As I turned to go down the hallway, I felt this tingling from the top of my head to the tip of my toes,” said Chris Corbett, Owner of the Blue Pelican Inn.

Corbett said this frightful feeling has happened to one of the chefs at the Inn as well.

Erin Songer, one of the managers of the Blue Pelican, said she has also had many experiences with the spirits.

“The accountant and I were sitting upstairs in the office and we were both at our own desks, doing our own thing,” Songer said. “It was quiet and all of a sudden the printer next to her just powered itself on and fed a piece of paper through and printed out one word and it was ‘Hello’.”

David Newcomb helped to renovate the building when the Corbett family purchased it in 2008.

“I was working here and it was well below zero, there wasn’t a lot of heat in the place,” Newcomb said. “The ceiling fan turned on full blast, so I figured it was an old building and old wiring. I turned the switch off, went across the hall to get some wood, came back, the fan’s is going and the switch is on!”

Ken Graham who used to be a bar manager at the inn said he had an unexplainable experience happen to him when he worked there. He said one night he forgot his house keys and turned his car around to come back to the inn. When he pulled up he noticed a light was on upstairs but he knew he shut all of the lights off when he left. The next day he told one of people who were renovating the place that he saw somebody peeking through the shade in the window upstairs.

“He said ‘Well none of the windows have shades yet’,” Graham said. “We walked out on the roof and walked around and sure enough there’s a window there and it has a shade in it, but on the inside it’s walled up and there is a shower over it too.”

Songer said there was one moment that really spooked her.

“I’m at the front desk, I don’t know if I was checking messages, but I was doing something, but I start hearing whispers all around me,” Songer said. “Again, chilled to the bone, dropped what I was doing, grabbed my olives and ran out the front door!”

Corbett said even some of his customers have had experiences with the spirits.

“We have three stalls in the ladies room, a lady went in the handicap, and in the middle stall she heard a sigh,” Corbett said. “She just thought that maybe someone was in there. She heard it again so of course she looked under the stall and there’s no legs, nobody there.”

Newcomb said he had another odd experience when he was playing music while working on renovations upstairs. He was playing the Kenny Rogers song “The Greatest”, when all of a sudden the little girl spirit started singing along.

For many, there is no question something is here. The real question is who and why are they here. Corbett said the Gill family built the home in 1924, and he believes they haunt the inn.

“They lived here and it was also a boarding house,” Corbett said. “Mrs. Gill left for awhile after husband died, and then came back in later years and she died right down here. She is the main person who supposedly haunts this place.”

They now have an idea of why the little girl who stares out of the upstairs window is here.

“She’d look out there with her books, staring out across the street at the railroad station,” Corbett said. “Right about the time this was being built, the school burned down, and this was used as a temporary school.”

Newcomb said he gets along with the spirits upstairs, but there is one place in the inn he avoids.

“I don’t like the basement, I don’t like the basement at all,” Newcomb said.

The reason why he doesn’t like the basement is because he said he always feels like something bad is about to happen.

Corbett said a group of women discovered something eerie when they were in the basement.

“They were in a club and they took a picture, and what you see is in the background you see the profile of one lady and then behind her you see a full view of somebody overtop of her head,” Corbett said.

Songer says she doesn’t think the spirits are here to do any harm.

“Everyone here does seem very friendly, any spirits that may be hanging out here with us, but they do like to play tricks on us,” Songer said.

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