Haunted Pluckley’s Top 10 Spirits!

The village of Pluckley, according to the 1998 edition of Guinness book of records, is considered the most haunted village in England. There were 12 documented reports of ghosts, most of which occurred at the crossroads which is known as “fright corner”. Here are some of them:

1. The screaming man
This is the most famous ghost in the town. The terrifying screams belong to a man who used to work in a quarry and found a horrible death when a wall collapsed and crushed him.

2. The robber
The robber Robert du Bois used to hide in the trunk of a dried oak in order to scare his victims. However, one day someone from the village knew the hiding and decided to take the law into his hands. He rammed the sword into the trunk of the tree and thus into the thief’s body. Today, the tree no longer exists, but the ghost of Robert still haunts the crossroads…

3. The old gypsy
It is the ghost of a gypsy who was burned alive when she fell asleep with her pipe.

4. The carriage with horses
The ghost vehicle was noticed by several people in various places around the village. Usually it is pulled by two or four horses and was last recorded to appear in the mid nineties.

5. The haunted church
The St. Nicolas church is the center of supernatural activity. Bursts and knocks are heard under the church, while lights are flashing inside. It is assumed that all these are caused by the restless soul of Lady Dering, which was buried within seven coffins in a vain attempt to keep her body away from decomposition. Her ghost also appears in the churchyard.

6. The lady in white
Another woman from the Dering family appears in the church of St. Nicolas and wanders in the library of the house.

7. The haunted pub
The Black Horse pub was built in 1430 and since then strange things started to happen. Things were moving or disappeared, and the landlady was locked out several times. Also there is a room upstairs, where the dogs refuse to enter, while a girl from the village claims she saw a beautiful lady in red dress there.

8. The teacher
In 1800, a teacher was hung from a tree. In 1965, a writer saw his ghost hanging from a tree.

9. The monk
His ghost is said to haunt a house called Greystones. The reason why it haunts this house is unknown, although some say he died there.

10. The Lady of Rose Court
The ghost must have belonged to a mistress of the Dering family and haunts a house called Rose Court. The Lady of Rose Court committed suicide by eating poisonous berries.

Source: www.learning-mind.com/10-ghosts-of-the-most-haunted-village-in-england/

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