The Most Haunted Places In Atlanta!

Atlanta is the most populated city in Georgia, but its residents are more than the living. The streets of Atlanta are said to be packed with roaming ghosts. Numerous are the haunted locations in this city, so below are the most haunted places in Atlanta. Consider signing up for a ghost tour of the city for a unique Halloween experience.

Old Roswell Cemetery

Cemeteries are guaranteed to carry spirits; after all, it’s where the dead are laid to rest. The Old Roswell Cemetery is located on Woodstock Road and Alpharetta St. Tours of this haunted location are offered every second Saturday of the month by paranormal investigators.

The Noonday Cemetery

This cemetery is also commonly known as “The Devil’s Turnaround,” nicknamed after thousands of haunting reports. Danger seekers beware – many have been arrested for trespassing. Many have trespassed to commit crimes, vandalize, and dig up graves. Security is very tight around the area.

Ellis Hotel

Formely known as the Winecoff Hotel, the Ellis Hotel was part of a horrific fire disaster in 1946. The tragedy was so big that it received the nickname “The Titanic of Peachtree.” The fire killed 119 people – some burned alive, while others jumped to their deaths. In 2007, the hotel was reopened as Ellis Hotel. Workers and visitors have reported seeing apparitions and have heard children and women screaming. The fire alarm has also gone off around the time of when the fire occurred (2:48 a.m.). The Ellis Hotel is located on 176 Peachtree St. The Winecoff fire remains the deadliest hotel fire in U.S. history, it has since changed building codes for emergencies.

The McDonough Square

The source of the hauntings in the McDonough Square are said to originate from a train wreck in 1900. Local residents and visitors have claimed to see ghosts, orbs, felt a presence around them, and more. The McDonough Square is located on Griffin St. and Keys Ferry St.


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