Haunted New Zealand!

1. Riccarton Racecourse Hotel
A particularly cold-blooded murder at the Racecourse Hotel, Riccarton, Christchurch, created a sensation in November 1933, but despite the existence of several very much compromised suspects, no one was ever brought to book for the crime. The 41-year-old licensee of the hotel, Donald Fraser, was killed in the middle of the night in his bedroom, where his wife was asleep, by two blasts from a double-barrelled shotgun. The hotel has been refurbished and still operates to this day.

2. Carlile House
There is an urban legend that 43 kids died in this orphanage and a nurse is said to haunt the house.
The house, built in 1886, is now owned by the Tongan church but usually remains abandoned.

3. Larnach Castle
The castle is said to be haunted by a few spirits, including William Larnach, who shot himself in the head in 1898.
He did so upon discovering his third wife had an affair with one of his sons from his first marriage. Ghosts, including the “Grey Lady” are said to have pushed visitors to the castle.

4. Waitomo Caves Hotel
This is said to be NZ’s most haunted hotel and guests have reported experiencing the dining room going cold and hearing laughter.
Two ghost hunt TV show presenters spent the night but got brushed past a few times. They also got couldn”t get into a room that was said to have a very angry spirit.

5. The Masonic Hotel, Napier
This hotel has had a lot of deaths over the years, including 261 being killed in the 1931 earthquake.
A chef also died in the old staff quarters so these are no longer used.

6. The St James Theatre, Wellington
People have seen “Yuri” a Russian performer who fell to his death metres above the stage.
It”s claimed he turns all the lights back on once the cleaners have left for the night and he”s seen as a friendly ghost.
One projectionist claims Yuri saved his life twice. Theatre workers also claim to hear to music from no where.

7. Camp Adair School, House
Urban legend has been passed on from generations of school kids attending this camp.
The story goes that a group of children who went to the school house were murdered by their teacher.
The teacher supposedly had a red beard and he can be seen through the window late at night.

8. The Vulcan Hotel, Otago
A prostitute known as the Rose stayed at the hotel in the early 1880s but was killed.
She is said to haunt to the bar and guests can ask to stay the room that was believed to have been hers, on request.

9. Old Stone House, Cashmere
In 1969, articles started appearing in the Christchurch Press about an elderly bearded man standing on the stairs.
It is believed he is a ghost.

10. Carrington Psychiatric Hospital
The mental hospital is known to be haunted by angry past-patients who put up with poor treatment during their time there.
The hospital is still standing in the grounds near Unitec.

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