The Most Haunted Locations In Liverpool, England!

Newsham Park Hospital

The history: Now abandoned, the building was once an orphanage dating back to the Victorian era. It then later served as a medical hospital and a mental asylum before closing in 1997.

How it’s haunted: Where do we start! Reports go way back to when a female nurse complained of ‘strange’ sightings whilst working with patients at the hospital… She was later found dead on one of the wards. Patients at the hospital also constantly mentioned ‘children’ and spoke of people who weren’t there. Recent visitors have reported sightings of ghosts and hearing disembodied voices at the cavernous building. Broken beds, anti-suicide grilles and wheelchairs are all still sat in decaying rooms and corridors.

Britannia Adelphi Hotel

This History: Before the hotel opened, another hotel stood on the site in 1826. This hotel was then replaced by another 50 years later. Then in 1911, the process of replacing started and the hotel first opened its doors as Britannia Adelphi in 1914.

How it’s haunted: Many guests at the hotel have reported seeing the ghost of ‘George’ standing next to their bed on the fifth floor. He is believed to have been a guest who fell, jumped or pushed out of a window at the hotel in the 1920’s. Other ghosts at the hotel include a bell boy who was tragically killed when he was caught between floors in the old lift and a young lady with long black hair and weird ‘staring eyes’… Fancy staying a night?

Penny Lane

The History: The street is named after a Liverpool slave ship owner but most people will associate the street name with the song by The Beatles from 1967.

How it’s haunted: Many of you will already know about the ‘Penny Lane Poltergeist’. Number 44 has been home to the very durable poltergeist that first became active in Victorian times. A young girl combing her long blonde hair also appears at the window of the house, but her identity remains a mystery…

Speke Hall

The History: Speke Hall is a 16th century half-timbered house that sits on the banks of the River Mersey. The house was originally built 400 years ago by the devout Catholic Norris family.

How it’s haunted: There’s said to be many ghosts roaming Speke Hall who just won’t leave including a white lady, a see through Victorian gardener, a ghostly priest, a solid-looking phantom of a priest and a warewolf-like beast. Footsteps are often heard in the upper corridors and the sound of children crying. Anybody who is still thinking of paying a visit should be warned the sudden feeling of nauseousness is a frequent report from visitors…

Bidston Hill

The history: Bidston Hill is one of the highest points of the Wirral and stretches out over 100 acres of land containing historic buildings and ancient rock carvings.

How it’s haunted: If anything, this place is just mysterious. So the odd ghost has been spotted wandering it’s famous windmill – which was built in 1800. A vaporous outline of a man – said to be a miller who was murdered in the early 19th century – has been seen many times over the years. But what many can’t get their head around is Bidston Hill being classed as a “window area” – a hot-spot of UFO activity and sightings. Dozens have reported “dark disc-shaped” objects hovering above nearby houses… Spooky!

Liverpool Empire Theatre

The history: The theatre dates way back to 1866 but was demolished, re-built and and re-opened in 1925.

How it’s haunted: One of the ghosts is known as the ‘Black Phantom’ (even sounds scary) and is said to roam the dressing rooms. Those using them would often see the dark shape reflected in the mirror. When the theatre was refurbished in 1998, reported sightings of the Black Phantom dramatically reduced. The theatre has many other ghostly residents including a school boy, a little girl and a smart-looking tall dark man.

St James’ Cemetry

The history: This 10 acre site holds the remains of nearly 58,000 people (you can see the ghost relation now) Many different people are buried here, from an American Senator to a midget artist.

How it’s haunted: We’re sure you’ve put two and two together with it being a cemetery but dozens of ghosts have been spotted having a wander around the grounds. One of the ghosts include William Huskisson, who is often seen leaving his grand mausoleum, where his remains were laid to rest. Have you seen Will roaming around the grounds before?

Croxteth Hall

The history: Croxteth Hall began being built in 1575 to serve as a home to the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton. The estate was passed onto Liverpool City Council in 1972 when the last Earl passed away.

How it’s haunted: Most of you might have seen the hall in the news in 2009. CCTV footage showed an alleged ghost appearing from the bushes, moving along a path before disappearing. Many believe it was the former resident, Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, the 7th Earl. Many other ghosts lurk inside the hall and recently a ‘man in a hood’ has been spotted…

The Queensway Tunnel

The history: It was constructed between 1925 and 1934. In 2009, a scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 was filmed in the tunnel.

How it’s haunted: In the 60’s a woman riding as a passenger on a motorbike fell off and died from her injuries. Not long after, the woman’s ghost was seen by many motorists. On many occasions, drivers have swerved to avoid the ghost and crashed. An old fashioned 1960’s police car has also been seen driving in the tunnel.

Knowsley Hall

The history: The hall was once the ancestral home of the Stanley family, the Earls of Derby. It has since been restored and converted for functions. The hall is surrounded by 2,500 acres of parkland, which contains Knowsley Safari Park. It’s known the building has been on the site since the 12th century.

How it’s haunted: In 2009 a paranormal group apparently captured a blurred picture of a ghost which had appeared to them as an orb. Two members of the group died a week later and the ghost now takes on the name ‘banshee’ (fair enough). Several roads near the estate are also said to be haunted by ghostly vintage cars with no drivers, including a limousine.


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