The Most HAUNTED Islands In The World!

For example: #8 Corregidor Island
Corregidor island is a small island located in Manila Bay, in the Philippines. It is a famous tourist destination for people interested in history, especially military history, and also for people interested in ghosts. The island was first owned by the Spanish Government from 1570 until they lost the colony in 1898 when it was captured by the Americans. The US made it into a military encampment with now famous elaborate tunnel networks and fortifications, but they in turn lost it to the Japanese. The Island of Corregidor was the last obstacle for the Japanese army in order to use the strategic location of Manila Bay. Corregidor’s defeat marked the fall of the Philippines and Asia. Over 11,000 Allied soldiers, mostly Filipino and American were sent to POW camps or were shipped to Japan as labor. In 1945, American troops led by MacArthur bombarded the island and thousands of Japanese soldiers sealed themselves inside the subterranean passageways and other caves and tunnels. As the attacks continued, in accordance with the philosophy of Bushido, the Japanese preferred to commit rather than surrender. It is said that Corregidor reverberated with many underground explosions for days afterward. There are many horrific ghost stories and those who are brave enough, can go into the Malinta Tunnel which is where most of it happened. There are several ghost tours offered at night where you can try to capture the spirits that roam through the tunnel complex. The old bunkers and hospital ruins are also said to be haunted.

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