The Haunted House Of Jay Sebring (Manson Family Victim)!

Fascinated by it’s history, Jay purchased the old, unusual former home of Paul Bern and Jean Harlow, which is located at 9860 Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles,CA. Paul Bern was the husband of famous actress Jean Harlow. The house has a mysterious and morbid past. In 1932, Bern supposedly committed suicide in a dressing room. He was found shot in the head. Some believe he was actually murdered and mystery has always hung over his death. Jean Harlow, also a beautiful blonde star as was Sharon, also died tragically young. Although by the time of her death Harlow was no longer living on Easton Drive.

Aside from that there was more tragedy and creepy happenings. In later years two other people committed suicide in the house and someone drowned in the swimming pool. Add to that what happened to Jay Sebring and you could practically say the house seems cursed. Very sad for all involved. Is there something about the Easton Drive house that attracts tragedy ?

The residence has it’s charm though, and a very unique appearance. It’s an atmospheric old place, surrounded by natural beauty and the rumor is it’s a haunted home. Which is hardly surprising. If he was aware of any ghosts though, Jay apparently didn’t let it interfere with his life at the residence. He enjoyed giving casual parties in the back of the big old house out near the pool. But you can almost imagine Jean Harlow walking there with Paul Bern. Perhaps she still does.

Sharon spent much time at Jay’s house on Easton Drive during their relationship. Her mother Doris Tate visited there as well. When Sebring was away, one night Sharon had a nightmare or possibly a precognitive experience of seeing a ghost. The description matched the deceased Paul Bern. Upon going downstairs to get away from the ghost of Bern,Sharon saw a vision of a murdered person who was tied up at the base of the stairs. In a horrible twist to an already bad experience, Tate saw the throat of the apparition was cut. This paranormal experience sounds similar to what actually happened at the Cielo Drive tragedy in 1969. Since then it has been assumed Sharon had a somewhat precognitive experience that hinted of her own tragic end, as well as Jay’s. Sharon could well have possessed some amount of psychic ability to have had such a bizarre night in a house that well enough could be haunted. Oddly, Roman Polanski had a premonition of Sharon’s death as well. And Doris Tate used to worry that Sharon would be murdered in Los Angeles at the start of her career.

The house Sharon lived in on Ceilo Drive was just a short distance from Jay’s place on Easton Drive. It’s possible Sharon rented the Ceilo house in order to be near Jay’s residence. And there were rumors that Sharon was considering divorcing Roman. She was tired of his unfaithfulness. Very likely Sharon needed Sebring’s company and support, and he had always remained her friend. When Roman wasn’t there, Jay made sure that Sharon wasn’t lonely. They had an apparently sweet relationship, perhaps on some level they were {complicated} soul mates.

After the murders, Jay Sebring’s family sold the house to a young doctor and his wife. They still own the home to this day. The current owner allowed some outdoor video footage to be taken of the residence, which at least from the outside seems remain the same aside from some unfortunate,distracting clutter. Too bad about the clutter because the house and surroundings are otherwise beautiful.


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