Haunted Germany!

Haunted Places in Germany

Nothing raises the hair on your arms or neck like a really good ghost story. Shivering with fright around a crackling campfire or in a dimly lit room during a slumber party is a rite of passage for young children.
Today, Western culture is experiencing a heightened interest in the paranormal, evidenced by the proliferation of paranormal television programs, research groups, movies and genre novels – think Vampire Diaries. Not all travelers are looking for a sunny seaside resort or an exquisite shopping experience. Some are intrigued by creepy legends, haunted castles, crypto zoology and strange folklore, all widely available throughout Europe. While America has its share of haunted locations, Europe is unparalleled as a paranormal destination. From England’s famous crop circles and Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, to legendary Romanian vampires and Germany’s Frankenstein Castle, the European continent is full of spooky locations.

Haunted places in Germany:

B215: (between Stedebergen and Dörverden) near Verden/Aller is known to be a road with strange happenings. Fact to this day is, that this stretch of road has had more accidents (with deaths) then any other area of this road. Witnesses tell of a white lady appearing on the road between 2 and 3 am if you are driving to fast. It’s unknown if this apparition is suppose to be a warning to drivers or if it actually caused the accidents.

Babenhausen Barracks (German : Babenhausen Kaserne) – now a museum – The ghosts of German soldiers, some in World War II era uniforms, have been reported. Lights are said to turn off and on by themselves and voices are heard in the basement. Footsteps and commands are allegedly heard at night, supposedly without physical cause. Legend has it that if a soldier happens to visit the museum and pick up a telephone, a woman will at times be heard “talking backwards”, unintelligible, in neither German nor English. The town was the site of a witch burned at the stake in the 19th century, and her ghost is said to have seduced, and then killed, several German soldiers since then.

Bernkastel-Kues: Cemetery: At this cemetery, you may see The White Lady of Bernkastel-Kues with a long white dress floating from one to another. The story is that at times she cries. However, another story about this ghost concerns a hunter. He was terrified when he first saw the ghost and saw at it. The next day he was taken to Koblenz, a military hospital, with swollen legs and a high fever. He was rambling on and on about a white lady that attacked him. He died.

Berlin: Pfauen Insel is a park that is in the area of the Havel in Berlin, part of the UNESCO World Heritage it is a quiet and beautiful habitat within the city. Legend says the Alchemist Johannes Kunckel‘s restless soul haunts this park as black ghost with red glowing eyes. It is said Kunckel practiced black magic in his Laratory on the island there, 1689 his buildings burned down and he left to Sweden, where he ultimately died. His soul supposedly returned to the island and wanders there lost ever since.

Zitadelle Spandau, also in Berlin , built in 1557-60 as a palace/ keep, ended up being used as prison in the 15th century. It was home to one Lady back then and she was the ex-lover of the Ruler Joachim II. Her name was Anna Sydow and Joachim’s son was asked by his father to take care of her after he passes away. He took that a bit to literate and imprisoned her in Zitadelle. She is said to haunt the place as white Lady.
Castle Köpenick: is haunted by a young royal lady that took her life for her love.

Bitburg: Bitburg Air Force Base: The French Casern is nearby this air force base. The French Casern was a popular meeting place of the Nazis. Here you will hear doors shut and lock and see furniture moved in front of doors so they cannot be entered from the outside.

Concentration Camp in Dachau: This camp is nearby Munich. Pictures taken inside building and outside on the property when developed show odd shapes in red and black.

Conn Barracks (Schweinfurt) Site of an old Nazi hospital, psyche ward, and Nazi dining facilities that are used as barracks for US.Army soldiers. Two separate occasions occurred at least two years apart where two people unknown to each other used the same room and had the same haunting dream.The soldiers were asleep in their beds,in a room right above what they at the time did not know was a drainage room(what they used to do with the bodies before there was embalming) A Nazi soldier standing over their bed looking down at them and making comments to a nurse that is standing beside him covered in blood. She has a sad face. The Nazi orders the nurse to do something which is spoken in German so the soldiers did not know what was said and the nurse then chokes the us soldier who then wakes out of the dream. These two soldiers never met before they confessed their story and swear the truth behind the stories. Other rumors are of an anti-abortionist woman who carries around a fetus in the hallway.

Dresden: Throughout the entire town, many have the screams and moaning of unseen women and children. This area was home to a hospital during World War II where many women and children died during the Dresden disaster.

Eltz Castle is still an insider tip in Germany, and rumor has it that the ghosts of medieval knights still haunt the castle grounds. The Eltz Castle closes for winter break on November 1st, so hurry up and pay this great castle a last visit.

Emden: The Ghost ship of Emden, Legend tells that in one stormy night the city gathered at the docs to welcome their loved ones back from a fishing voiage. The dock master was also waiting on his son that worked on deck. The people could already hear the captain and crew yelling orders on board, when the waves got so strong and the wind so bad that the ship was lifted of the water for a moment. The night was dark, only lit by a full moon and the people started yelling at the dock master to let down the rescue boats. the dock master decided that he was not going to let the boats down, because he hated the captain of the ship. When the scared folks on the dock reminded him , that his son was on board, he finally budged, but it was too late. the ship and everyone on board disappeared into the ocean. Not one soul was saved. To this day at full moon, the ship is said to return to the dock.

Frankenstein Castle near Darmstadt: Local legend claims that Johann Konrad Dippel’s ghost along with others now haunt Frankenstein Castle. Johann, is said to be seen most often between Christmas and New Year’s Day sitting on the roof of the chapel. Visitors to the castle have included numerous groups of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, hoping to unravel the mysteries surrounding Frankenstein’s home.

Friedland Castle: haunted by the young beautiful daughter of one of the former land lords. Tales say she was cursed by her father on his deathbed, for turning down all the potential husbands. It is said she haunts the men walking in the castle and if you do not react properly she will jump on your back and strangle you.

Fühlingen House: Cologne , what was once the majestic stables of Eduard Freiherr von Oppenheim, is now a mere reminder of times long lost. The house does have one of the most mysterious pasts and is now slowly but surly crumbling into nothing. It is told to be haunted by several ghosts, one of them a worker searching for his long lost love and the other a judge that hanged himself in one of the rooms.

Iserputt: (Mecklenburg Western Pomerania) Reports of 12 ghosts carrying a coffin at Midnight.

Hohenburg Keep: Homberg is haunted by a white Lady that returns every 7 years to mark the day of her betrayal and murder.

Kelly Barracks in Darmstadt: In one of the old barracks, ghost enjoying turning water faucets on and off. Many visitors feel as though they are being followed through the hall.

Kranzberg Castle in Keansburg: Hitler’s 92’s Headquarters during World War II – Visitors and workers alike have seen strange occurrences throughout the castle.

Nienhagen: The “Ghost woods” near Nienhagen has been the scene for a many strange and fascinating events.

Osnabrück, Haste – die Karlsteine (the stones of Charlemagne) – In ancient times, the location which is now Osnabrück was the site of a large pagan temple and burial area. When Charlemagne mustered the strength to force the Christian faith upon the Germans in the area, his forces killed the priests and desecrated the graves; it is rumored that he himself broke the largest altar stone to prove the supremacy of the Christian God over the pagan gods. According to stories, the magic remained infused in the site and on the winter solstice and summer equinox strange orbs of light are seen over the centuries, screams are heard, and stains appear on the stones in the apparent absence of physical cause. This has been attributed in local legend to the murders of the priests.
Reichenstein Castle – According to local legend, Dietrich von Hohenfels and his nine sons were robber barons who used the castle as a stronghold. His sons were caught by the authorities and killed; Hohenfels was captured the next day. He asked that he be hanged and his sons’ lives be spared, but upon seeing that they were already dead, his head fell from his body. All ten bodies were buried in St. Clement Chapel, in the castle, and the ghost — headless — is said to haunt the castle. Reichenstein Castle was visited by the Ghost Hunters International team where, while several had personal experiences, they caught no “ghostly activities” with their equipment.

Schwerin: Tales of a little man that haunts the castle in Schwerin. Locals call him the “Petermaenchen”.

Sylt – Stories of lost Souls that are haunting the Island are told often by locals.

Tholenswehr: (Subburb of Emden) Legends of the black Man with glowing red eyes are still told to this day.

Underwood Barracks in Hanau: One incident occurred when a young girl visiting the barracks had scratches appear on her arm and thigh. It is believed the scratches were from a ghost of a soldier that died when he fell from a window.
Verden/Aller: The “ Allerwiesen” are an idyllic area between the rivers Old Aller and New Aller. No one would guess that this place harbors strange secrets. In the summer they are used for camping and the locals like to let their dogs run loose there. But if you ask the older locals they will be happy to change the subject quickly or not answer at all. Luckily some campers are happy to tell the stories of the white Lady that’s known to float over the grassy landscape. There is also the “ Alte Villa “ old Villa in Verden. Located on the Burgberg Street behind a hospital, is an abandoned house that seems to be haunted by strange people and flickering lights. It is also known to be a meeting spot for some Satanic groups.

Waldniel Hoster/Kent School: Schwalmtal is said to be haunted by the ghosts of mentally disabled children and young adults that where murdered here during the Nazi regime. It is said, at night you can hear the wails and screams through hallways and dorms. The complex was last an English School and is currently empty and for sale.

Wesenberg: (Mecklenburg Western Pomerania) reports of people seeing the ghost of a priest in the church. The priest had passed away about 20 years prior.

Witches Tower and Nazi Amphitheater in Heidelberg: Many have heard the wails and seen strange apparitions. Those that visit on moonless nights have the urge to run as quickly as possible to get away from some unseen fear.

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