The Great Lakes Triangle!

The Great Lakes account for more unexplained disappearances per unit area than the Bermuda Triangle.This is no small comparison, considering that the Bermuda Triangle is 16 times larger than the Great Lakes area. Because of the irregular shape of the Great Lakes, pilots — aware of the dangers within — ordinarily circumnavigate the lakes, even when overflying might be shorter. It is almost impossible for even the slowest aircraft to be more than 20 minutes from land.

Today’s airliner can cross Lake Erie through the middle in ten minutes. Faster aircraft can do it in much less than four minutes. Over any point on any of the Great Lakes it is possible for the pilot of any jet airliner to shut down all his engines and literally glide to land. There are hundreds of ground-based, sea-based and air-based radios constantly monitoring emergency frequencies for any sign of trouble.Aware of the curious incidents over the Great Lakes, the Federal Aviation Administration several years ago instituted a special “Lake Reporting Service;” pilots on Great Lakes overflights make continuous reports to ground stations. A 10-minute delay in such a report automatically launches a search-and-rescue operation. This service has saved many lives that would have been lost to ordinary accidents, but the high incidence of inexplicable disasters has remained unaffected.

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