Ginger Rogers Ghosts Haunts Her Childhood Home!

A haunting in Missouri! Ginger Rogers passed away in 1995, but apparently, her spirit is still hanging around her old home, turning the place into a real-life haunted house. The current homeowner — Marge Padgitt — of the Independence, MO home where the dancer grew up says that she’s actually witnessed what she thinks is the ghost of the late star, which is interesting because she’s currently turning the house into a museum. Marge recently opened up to Closer Weekly about the paranormal activity in the house.

“I was standing in the room she was born in and I felt this presence. I [watched] a foggy mist turn into a woman in a ball gown that looked like Ginger,” she told Closer. “She had a pleasant look on her face, and I get the feeling she’s happy we’re doing this.”

We’re not sure whether we should be really creeped out or think this is so cool. Either way, we’re definitely intrigued to learn more. Ginger’s house is in the process of being turned into a museum about the late star’s life. And, she became famous for dancing with Fred Astaire, so we’re sure there will also be a tribute to him as well.

Ginger — born Virginia Katherine McMath — died of a heart attack at age 83 in California back in April 1995. During her life, she had a successful showbiz career appearing in a variety of TV shows and movies from the 1930s all the way until the late 1980s. If her ghost really is inhabiting her childhood home, then her fans will definitely be in for a treat when they visit!


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