The Ghost Of Errol Flynn!

Errol Flynn and Mulholland Farm.

During the 1930’s and 1940’s, Errol Flynn was one of the most popular and successful screen legends in Hollywood.
As his fame spread and his wealth grew, he built a house up in the undeveloped Hollywood Hills just off of Mulholland Dr.
The walls were constructed of stucco on the outside and wood paneling of the purest pine inside which he varnished.
It was THE place to party if you were a friend of Errol Flynn. If your name was on the Guest List you were “In like Flynn!”

What people didn’t know was that behind some of the walls were secret doors to secret rooms.
The Ladies Bathroom had two way mirrors and in other parts of the house he had secret rooms with viewing tubes
so he could watch in secret as various lovers used the guest bedrooms. He even had his own private Casino.
Flynn was a voyeur, a womanizer and a hell raiser with a taste for the alcohol, cocaine and young girls.
After being accused of violating the Mann Act (Statutory Rape) by two underage girls named Betty Hansen and Peggy Satterlee,
his career nearly came to a halt.

After the War, the global consciousness and worship of European heroes and swashbucklers changed.
In 1950, Jack Warner of Warner Brothers Studios began a new regime by clearing out his old stable of actors.
Unfortunately, Errol Flynn was one of them.
The Scandal and the Trial became a media circus with lurid images and testimony, but in spite of it all,
Flynn was found Innocent, thanks to the aggressive cross examinations of his Attorney.

On October 15, 1959 while in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Flynn suffered a fatal heart attack.
He was only 50 years old.
On the night he died it was reported that his entire house shook!
His body was shipped back to Los Angeles and he was buried in an unmarked grave at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.
Many claimed, as they still do when an icon dies, that it was the end of an era.

After Flynn was laid to rest, it slowly became clear that he really wasn’t ready to go just yet.
His ghost was seen on his private yacht which was slowly rotting away in a port in Italy.
Mulholland Farm was purchased by the Hamblen Family in 1959, not long after Flynn died.
While living in the house they saw and heard things:
The ghost of a young naked woman walked through the front gates of the property.
A dark cloud was seen hovering in the hallway.
The bottom of the pool in the back yard was painted black and several “sensitives” have detected something menacing in its depths.
A bed was found to be blocking a secret staircase in the Master Bedroom….but it moved without the help of human hands.

Singer Ricky Nelson of the famous Ozzie and Harriet Family bought the house in 1980.
Almost immediately after moving in, Gunnar Nelson, Ricky’s son, felt that something about the house wasn’t right.
He claimed that it had a dark, malevolent, sexual energy that could at times become quite aggressive
and would psychically attack its inhabitants. Gunnar claimed that his father, Ricky was on of those and that the entity consumed him.
Lights went off and on in the middle of the night.
Tracy Nelson’s shower door opened and closed by itself.
The smell of cheap perfume would come from nowhere…and a dark presence came with it.
The reflections of a mans face were seen in a mirror opposite a peep-hole where Flynn could view the activity on the first floor of his home.

Ricky Nelson and members of his band died in a tragic plane crash just outside of DeKalb, Texas on New Years Eve, 1985.
after which the malevolent spirit of the house grew. The Nelsons feuded over the property and feelings of animosity
were present even at Ricky’s funeral where he was laid to rest near the graves of his parents at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills.

Errol Flynn’s magnificent house was demolished in 1988. Since then there has been no way to properly
investigate the paranormal activity at what remains of Mulholland Farm.
For now, it is and shall remain one of the greatest unsolved paranormal mysteries in Los Angeles History.


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