Is This A Ghost In An English Cathedral?

Paul Jackson caught what appears to be a sprightly spirit passing across the width of the Willis Organ in Lincoln Cathedral while on a roof tour.

It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of plague victims, a spooky cleric and a chaotic imp that caused havoc until it was turned to stone.

And now a daytripper may have captured one of those strange apparitions in the flesh.

Paul Jackson took the bizarre footage while visiting the ancient Gothic building with his son on February 6.

The 46-year-old IT engineer caught what appears to be a sprightly spirit passing across the width of the Willis Organ while on a roof tour.

He explained: “We didn’t spot anything strange at the time but when I was reviewing the footage I noticed this orb and thought ‘what on earth is that?’ I didn’t know what it was.”

Paul shared the mysterious video on his his YouTube channel ArcturanMegadonkey where it has been viewed 14,215 times.

Several users commented on the spooky clip, offering their ideas for what the ghostly shadow could be.

Dean Edelsten suggested it was a ghoul that “guards the church grounds for night hawkers” while David Hopper wrote: “Wow very spooky.”

Others were more sceptical of the sighting, with some claiming it was a reflection, a pigeon or even a hoax.

One quipped: “Its a crisp packet. walkers would be my guess. cheese and onion late 2015.”

Paul told the Lincolnshire Echo he himself was not convinced it was a ghost, but said it was certainly a bit of a laugh.

He said: “I personally think the best explanation is that it’s a high powered torch from the tour group below the organ.

“I love the cathedral – it’s a stunning building so I hope the video will encourage more people to go on cathedral tours and see it for themselves.”


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