The Flying Men Of Tbilisi!

Russian ufologist Boris Shurinov told in 1995 that there was a case of flying men in Tbilisi, that he personally knows militia major A. Boukhrachvili, single witness of the occurrence.

One night of February 1978, this major awoke around 3 a.m. because of a tooth ache. He was going to get some drug in the kitchen when he saw by the window an object of a strange shape flying in the direction of his house, which is on a strong rise compared to the nearby houses.

Sure to see a new secret aircraft of the army, he came out on the veranda for better following the flight of the unknown object, but it was lost on the side of the mountains behind his house.

It is at this time, head looking up, that the major noticed two black spots in the sky; which he initially mistook for birds but they proved to be two men in diving-suits who landed on the veranda, “They were in one moment standing in front of me”, he said.

One was taller than the other, about two meters tall. They had their eyes behind a transparent plate of their helmets.

According to the witness, they spoke a very good Georgian language. He heard them, at his own amazement since they had helmets which entirely covered their faces and which only let their eyes seen, though very vaguely through what he called a “glass”.

The sky men proposed him to leave with them and the major answered that he would agree on the condition of taking his wife and children with them. While speaking with them, he sought some manner of getting his revolver inside the house.

Boris Shurinov says he knows that during his career, the witness risked his life more than one once by making incredible things in face of imminent danger, but this time all was different: “I was at their mercy. No possibility of defending myself, absolutely powerless… I talked to win some time, I invited them into the house. My last argument: ‘I cannot leave with you because of my cardiac disorder.'” He had indeed complained for a certain time about his heart.

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