The Fire Breathing Recipe/Ritual!


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First, let me start by saying this is not for the faint of heart. My Native American grandmother is the one who showed me this at a very young age, and it did change my view on a lot of things. Anyways… enough rambling…

Materials Required :

2 Candles 1 Lighter or Box of matches. (box of matches works better as it is older.) 4 mirrors (preferably body length.) 2 chairs 1 Power object (this is to bring you back to reality, I’m guessing.) 1 Cell Phone 1 Cell Phone Charger 1 Windowless Room (Can use curtains if needed as this is another sensory deprivation ritual and any noise or light can disturb you from it quite easily.) 1 A clean drug / alcohol free body. 1 a notepad


1 a sketchpad (for the more artistic.)

Lastly –

1 compass

Introductory steps –

Set up the mirrors in each direction North, South, East, West. This is why you need a compass ;).

Point the chair you will be sitting in the direction you are comfortable with facing or “drawn” too. This may change at the time of the actual experiment / ritual. Point the other chair in the opposite (obviously 😉 )

Put your candle in front of your chair and the other in front of the other chair. This will create opposing reflections and light sources

( for the scientific people, this is a form of sensory deprivation as well. )

Put the notepad or sketchpad along with a pencil/pen in front of it. The writing / drawing utensil needs to be closer to the mirror.

Now for your power object – This can be anything. Just make sure it is something you know every detail of. This will help you snap out of the trance like state.

Part Two:

Ask yourself what you want to gain from this experience – Knowledge, Advice, Making yourself a better person. The idea is to ask yourself something that only your subconscious can answer or help you with.

Once you have decided what you want to know, write it down on a piece of paper from the sketchpad or notepad. If you used the sketchpad method, make sure to write it at the top of the page as you will be drawing/scribbling.

Turn off as many electronic devices as you can and shut off all the ligthsources you can. You’ll use your cell phone as a lightsource to locate your station.

Keep this question in your head. Go to your bedroom / bed / couch (college students know the feels.)

Lay down and plug your phone into the charging device. Make sure your charging device is plugged into the wall ;).

Upon laying down, keep your question in your mind.

Set your cell phones alarm for exactly 2:58 am. Exhale slowly. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Inhale slowly. Focus on falling asleep, remembering your question and nothing else. Let the rest of the day just fade away. You’ll want to make sure you get exactly 3 hours of sleep. Set an additional alarm for 7 am.

When you wake up go to the room / station you set up. Using only your cell phone as light to find it. If anything has moved or the room seems different from the way you left it…. don’t sit down, go to another room and wait until 7 am. You will want to try this some other time… Trust me you will know what I mean. This usually means you did not point the chairs in the right direction.

If everything is setup correctly and you feel no need to wait, proceed to sit in the chair that you set up for you.

Pick up your sketchpad/notepad and writing utensil and place them in your lap. Light your candle, not the one behind you.

Open your sketchpad / notepad. Remembering your question, focus on it for a moment. Use the candle as your lightsource from this point on. Do not use your phone.

Gaze into the mirror, do not blink. Remember the question you want to know the answer to or advice you are looking for. Continue staring into the mirror. Focus on the question, continue breathing in and out slowly. The goal is to reach the same meditative state you felt when you woke. (Scientists say this is the “Waking State”. Basically the moment right before Lucid Dreaming begins, so try to bring this sensation back to you while sitting in the chair.)

Do not look at any of the other mirrors. This may cause the vision to end abruptly, or worse… I never looked so I don’ know. (My grandmother told me that if you look at any of the other reflections to leave the room immediately and close the door. Same as if the door was closed in the Three Kings.)

Breathe in slowly, focusing on all your muscles and nerve endings. Exhale slowly, focusing on all your muscles and your question.

Draw or write your answer in the sketchpad/notepad. You will know when its time.

I cannot tell you when this ritual ends, it doesn’t. The truth is what you will see may shock you as to what the answers are. But please don’t stay in the room passed 7:15 am or what you saw may become distorted when you write it / draw it. I didn’t stay passed this point. I actually left the room early because I felt extremely uneasy to what I was seeing.

Draw or write your answer in the sketchpad/notepad. You will know when its time. (Update, I forgot to mention this… Dont look away from the mirror. Keep drawing / writing whatever you see or feel.)

This is not an easy thing to do. It takes practice. I suggest researching concentration techniques if you are not very good at staring at one image for a very long time with no result. My original took what felt like days. I thought I Was sitting in the chair for at least 24 hours…. I don’t know… It felt like forever though.

Hope you guys enjoy, and be careful out there in TV land. 😉

Eventually time will seem to stop, everything will feel like a daze if you do this correctly anyways…

Please forgive me if this doesn’t make sense, but Ill be happy to answer any questions about it. This is not a summoning ritual. AT ALL. This is old native american folklore. The only difference is they used water in the woods instead of mirrors.


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