Fact Or Faked – Amazing UFO Report!

The team of paranormal department on the science fiction TV show named “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” is infamous for regenerating incidents which already were questionable under the radar to begin with. And that’s what you get when you have all those e big gadgets and a thick pocket to budget the show. But, on 5th June 2012 episode, it seems things got way too real for them!

This week , chief scientist’s Bill Murphy’s team was on a trip to marshlands in the Pensacola in an attempt to recreate the hyped “I-10 UFO” finding which was posted to YouTube a year back. That time, some sparkly lights were seen blowing from a misty marsh land at night they said the web kept buzzing the whole week. Was it fact? Or faked? Obviously, there was something to be determined.

On a YouTube video segment included above, the fact or faked team leaves no stone unturned in order to recreate as they say was the means the original witness employed to pull off the eerie sighting, even if this was their toughest stage ever. Florida marshlands are hard enough to navigate through under the sun, so there’s no question about difficulty at night.

As assumed, the team had set up some floodlights which they mounted on rigs and platforms which could be operated to move up and down. The so called Natural fog gave the same kind of cover as the original scene and it seemed the hoax had been exposed.

And then something really weird happened.

One tough thing about objective reporting in these reports is spoiling the jump scare ending which is the ultimate sales point of any paranormal TV show or movie. So there goes a big time spoiler alert. So some of you should stop reading now and just watch the video.

For others, it’s possible the fact or faked team may have the best UFO footage through the lens.

There is chaos over the split-up team, some on land, others in boats, the footage of night vision reveals a very unexpected result: “some kind of lighted, flying object” , not put up by the team, suddenly appears and takes off zooming out of camera range.

The investigators being stunned looked truly surprised and confused. The thing got bigger on the web today, with a review by the Huffington Post which further added to the confusion of many people. Now this got many paranormal enthusiastic excited.

The first posted version of the article has a short clip of the team having a look at the original video, which was later taken off. What they left was a view of the segment, minus the meat and bones. This resulted in commenters being in the mood of frustration and good, old fashioned web slangs.

We may expect that such a thing could happen as this may be a true first one ever to come out of a paranormal regeneration. The scene may take a while to be clear to audience but what we can guarantee is that something unsual was really caught on the camera.

Source: http://eparanormal.net/ufos/2012/a-ufo-catch-on-video-fact-or-faked

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